Diane Kruger Dishes On Embarrassing Moment On Jimmy Kimmel

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It seems like Diane Kruger and beau Joshua Jackson have always had the perfect relationship. I mean lets be real, who wouldn’t be jealous of their chemistry?

The 36-year-old model and actress revealed a quite (lets just say) embarrassing interaction between Joshua and her mother on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Poor Joshua. If I was ever in this situation, I would be so embarrassed to be around my significant others’ parents from then on.

This is definitely a story you have to hear to believe.

“I’m from a very small village in Germany, so I don’t usually bring boys back unless they’re somewhat serious,” Kruger explained to Jimmy Kimmel.“It’s a tradition in Germany when you come home to have coffee and cake, it’s very German. So I prepped him.”

She continues, “I said, ‘You have to have cake. You have to have coffee. Even if you don’t like it.’ He has a nut allergy. It had almonds in it. I was like, ‘You’re eating it. You’re definitely doing it.’ And so he did.”

“I was translating. I thought we were doing so good,” Kruger reminisces, noting that her mother did not speak English. “Then my mom goes, ‘Ah, wait. I have something for you.’ She goes into the office and comes back with this [plastic] folder of Internet clippings of Josh. With his mug shot.”

So if you guys are unaware, Joshua was arrested for allegedly drunkenly harassing a security guard at a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game. But don’t worry guys, Email me at mprieve@spinmedia.com. Follow me at @mjprieve on Twitter.>that was back in 2003, so he has had 11 years to recover.

So, mama Kruger totally called him out. Check out the too-awkward-for-words story below!


By Alexandra Biston

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