Diane Kruger And A Shirtless Joshua Jackson Hit The Pool In Venice

Joshua & Diane Shopping
The Couple Grabs Some Groceries Together
One of my favorite couples in the world, Diane Kruger (who else is loving The Bridge?) and Joshua Jackson, enjoyed a day by the pool in Venice, Italy earlier today (September 05, 2013), where they are currently attending the 70th International Venice Film Festival.

Earlier in the week (September 03, 2013), the couples was spotted enjoying some lunch at Cipriani in Venice.

So how does Diane Kruger keep her skin looking so great? 

In an interview with InStyle magazine, she stressed that it isn’t what she does but what she doesn’t do in order for her skin to remain blemish free.

“I’ve noticed my skin looks better when I don’t drink, so I stopped for six weeks before the Cannes Film Festival,” she said. “It did me wonders. I slept better than ever. It kind of sucked, though, because I enjoy a glass of wine.”

In addition to giving up alcohol, Kruger had to depart with another vice in the name of good skin. “I wasn’t blessed with great skin. I used to have rosacea and had to quit smoking to get rid of it,” she added.

Take note people, Diane knows what she’s talking about!

Check out all the pics of Diane and Joshua in Venice, Italy by launching the gallery.

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