Sharon Stone Loves a Good Trenchcoat

January 10th, 2008 // 4 Comments

What kind of ridiculous folk actually show up to a diamond fashion show? If you were thinking Sharon Stone, then you would be absolutely correct. I know I write for a blog named, A Socialite’s Life, which would indicate that I’m acquainted with the finer things in life, but seriously, who is in possession of such a proliferation of diamonds that they feel the need to have shows where they showcase the various styles in which said diamonds can be arranged? And don’t these things pretty much sell themselves? I know, I know, there are jewelers and whatnot, but still I’m in the mood for a rant, so there. And to top it all of, here’s Sharon Stone, looking pretty low-key in a bunch of animal print and what appears to be a Burberry trench coat and sunglasses. Somehow, the woman just can’t help but include the whole flasher element into her wardrobe and I love her for it.

Photos: WENN

20 more photos of Sharon Stone, Debra Messing, Anna Friel, Maria Bello, Jennifer Morrison, Agnie Harmon, Lisa Rinna & Patricia Arquette are after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

By Lisa Timmons

  1. lodilynn

    Get this once and for all people…one animal print. they never mix…so wear one piece. Not two (Ms. Stone, the shoes OR the dress…not BOTH). My God, who sold her that? Or gave her that? Tell me she didn’t dress herself…

  2. who

    Who is the dark haired woman who looks like Ali McGraw?

  3. Laurie

    I believe the woman you are speaking of is Angie Harmon. She is rather famous. I love her dress!!! Debra Messing looks fantastic also. As for Sharon Stone I can’t stand the way she dresses. She always looks like she is trying to hard to be cutting edge and ends up looking like MaryKate Olsen

  4. HelenSparkles

    Anna Friel should not be there. Nuff said.

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