‘Dexter’ Season 5 Begins With Stellar Ratings

Over the weekend, Michael C. Hall’s show Dexter premiered with its highest ratings yet – 2.3 million viewers tuned in for the premiere. Hall spoke with PopEater about the show, his health, and being married to his onscreen sister Jennifer Carpenter. Here are the highlights:

What’s in store for season 5:
“Everything [Dexter] he’s constructed for himself to appear normal and connected to feeling undeniably human at this point, everything has been taken off the table. And he is responsible, so Dexter’s life has been decimated; he feels a great sense of guilt for that fact, so once again we find him in unchartered emotional waters.”

His health:
“It’s good. I’m feeling really good. I’ve been in remission since March and I’m feeling great. My strength is back and I’m just really, really grateful.”

His marriage:
“What a thing to go through with your wife after just two years of marriage.
Yeah … it’s a big thing to fall into your lap at any point.

Now you know she’s a keeper.”

I’m glad that he’s doing much better and back to work. I loved Hall, seen here heading to do David Letterman’s show earlier this week, from back in his Six Feet Under days, which as they point out, his brother on that show – Peter Krause – is now dating his onscreen sister, Lauren Graham. What a trend…