‘Dexter’ Recap: My Bad

Dexter Morgan is a killer. He even admits in the premiere episode of season 5 that he has killed 67 people in his life or at least watched them die. Only one thing kept him human, his wife Rita, who is now dead. And all that Dexter had achieved in the way of a ‘normal’ life has died with her.

Pan in on the funeral director and a generic, “I’m sorry for your loss.” Even though this man is able to fake emotion like Dexter, his lack of sincerity pales in comparison to the flash backs of Dexter and Rita’s first date. He chose the restaurant to a track someone, not because of the menu. His relationship to Rita was tarnished from day one by a killer agenda. Man, Rita had back luck with men!

Deb starts cleaning the murder scene and I saw that familiar Morgan glazed look in the eye. But instead of killing, Deb handles stress by screwing everything in sight, including douche bag Quinn. And he doesn’t seem to be super sad about the recent death of his former girlfriend, crazy Trinity daughter aka Tits McGee. The way people cope with death boggles the mind.

Quinn’s naked ass? Gross dude! 

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Astor cuts right to the bone when Dexter tells her that Rita kicked the
bucket. But she speaks the truth. Dexter is bad news for anyone he is
around. He can’t even give Rita a proper funeral because he is already
methodically planning his oblivion and disappearance.Is it just me or does baby Harrison look like he is already aching for his first kill? Great casting!And also, Deb shits her pants over two things: Cat ladies and babies eating ice cream. Rita’s death makeup sucks, but she still looks super hot! Too soon? Never for Masuka.How
does Dexter cope with the loss of Rita? By being a complete dumb ass
and making it pretty damned hard for people to think he is innocent.
Holy shit balls! Forget the ‘law of innocents’. Dexter goes totally
Mel-Gibson-from-The-Patriot on some asshole’s ass in the men’s room.
Sound complicated? That is because we are talking about Dexter MF
Morgan!At this point we don’t even know if Harry’s ghost is
really run by Harry’s ethics or Dexter’s subconscious mind, yielding its
power over his wants and needs, ebbing and flowing back and forth on
some warped moral scale. The old Dexter is really gone and we are all
scared to see what the new one is going to do next.  Rita’s
words from their first date echo in our minds, “I feel like we never
said a proper goodbye.” No truer words were ever spoken. If the audience
thought that Rita’s death was shocking, this new season looks to be
even more mind blowing than we ever could have imagined.