‘Dexter’ Recap: Beauty And The Beast

Dexter has a problem on his hands. Julia Stiles aka Rachel Lumen. Of course she doesn’t trust him. She just saw the bastard kill Boyd. We don’t know what she has been through, but Dexter can’t trust her either, at least when it comes to not talking.

The struggle between the two of them in the beginning was a great excuse to see Dexter take his shirt off. Thank you very much sir!

The job I’d like to apply for: Coming up with the shit that comes out of Deb’s mouth. Brilliant and surprisingly creative writing goes into this aspect of the show. Both ears? Sounds painful.

The first time Dexter says that he misses Harrison’s mom is when the nanny quits. Kind of messed up.

Dexter is so much better a blood spatter analyst than Masuka, but that’s no surprise. What is a surprise is his Ford Escape continually changing from light blue to silver. Minor continuity issue.

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So Angel busted a dude’s face and ribs up? What’s the big deal? He is a
good guy with weak moments just like the rest of us. But apparently,
Maria has a secret talent and its the best in Miami they say.”Ten months old and you’ve already had your first cigarette. Sorry about that.” Poor Harrison just can’t escape the hard life.That
Quinn and his instincts. How dare he bother Jonah with the truth? Just
where the hell does he get off? Unpaid suspension asshole!Dexter
finally convinces Rachel Lumen that he maybe, possibly, isn’t going to
kill her. The best way to prove this is to show her pickled remains of
chicks in barrels. I’d be right as rain with that evidence too Dex.
Wait, he did get stabbed, so maybe that didn’t go as smoothly as it
could have. And what’s worse, there are others like Boyd. So it looks
like Dexter will be back on the prowl soon enough.