‘Dexter’ Season Seven Premiere Recap: ‘Are You…?’ [SPOILERS]

Hall & Carpenter Get Cuddly
Are The Dexter Couple Back Together?
This season of Showtime’s Dexter started off instantly and didn’t skip a beat. Remember last season when Deb walked in on Dexter stabbing Travis in the chest in the middle of a church? That was awkward. How he will explain his way out of this we do not know, but in the meantime he is on his way to the airport with passport in hand. The only trouble is that his credit cards are all declined when he tries to fill up his gas tank.

Deb is obviously in shock and Dexter tries to convince her that it was self defense and that he snapped after everything he witnessed surrounding Rita’s murder. She helps him make it look like a suicide by lighting the church on fire and he conducts the crime scene to cover up any faux pas they might have made. But he forgets one thing, his infamous glass slide with Travis’ blood sample. It falls beneath the table and into a drain, where LaGuerta finds it.

One of our favorite officers from last season decides to stop and help a man on the side of the road with his flat tire. It’s Mike’s unlucky day because the dude just happened to kill a Russian hooker and when he sees that the jig is up, he shoots Mike dead and takes his car. While Deb and Dexter are trying to process their new adventure together with the Travis crime scene, they are thrown into another one.

As a viewer, I try not to be too critical of these shows if I can help it. After all, sometimes the analyzing can make you miss out on the aesthetic experience. But last season may have ruined me with Dexter. I’m not buying the brother-sister love story yet and I’m certainly not buying Deb’s naivety. However, she started to prove herself by episode’s end. If they would have attempted to draw out her curiosity about Dexter’s story for an entire season I would have been pretty annoyed. I’m also glad to see Jennifer Carpenter skip the curse words and stereotypes and get into her real acting skill. She was a joy to watch this episode.

Because Deb is smart, she sees that Dexter’s description of the events don’t add up. She notices his carefully crafted crime scene, with plastic wrap and rubber gloves. She notices that he wore different clothing, the same clothing from when he saved her from his brother Rudy when she was on his table ready to die. She begins to remember that night and recalls that Dexter and Rudy seemed to be arguing over whether they should kill her.

She then finds the ice truck killer file and sees that the plastic wrap is the same as well as the basic set up. By episode’s end she has scoured the entire apartment and found everything in relation to the murders that she can, including Dexter’s glass slides. She asks him if he killed all these people and he answers, “Yes”. She asks him if he is a serial killer and he answers, “Yes.” So ends the episode.

Other shady things were LaGuerta’s visit to Masuka in which she took the glass slide from the evidence, most likely to black mail either Deb later on when everything blows up in her face for a shoddy investigation. Also, that creep Louis has been sneaking around Dexter’s apartment while his girlfriend babysits Harrison. He cancels all of Dexter’s credit cards, perhaps just to be a dick. And he was the one who ordered the ice truck killer’s mannequin hand from the internet, getting Masuka in huge trouble. He mails this hand to Dexter and Deb finds it along with the blood slides, further incriminating him. Just watching Deb unfold this shit storm is worth watching an entire season, even after having to endure Colin Hanks for several episodes.