‘Dexter’ Season 8 Premiere Recap: ‘A Beautiful Day’

Dexter: Behind The Scenes
Michael C. Hall Shows Off His Acting Chops In Miami
After a series of ups and downs from the writers of Showtime’s Dexter, they threw fans the ultimate curveball in the season seven finale. Now we are facing the final season of Dexter and it’s already off to an impressive start. And for what we’ve been through, we deserve to be impressed once again. Even Entertainment Weekly agrees that season six with Colin Hanks was miserable at best.

For Dexter Morgan, the death of Captain Maria LaGuerta six months earlier has made his life pure bliss. She is no longer running after him and attempting to arrest him every ten minutes. He is loving fatherhood and his job, even forgetting about Hannah and meeting a few new chicks.

For Debra, she is doing cocaine and sleeping with a dude she is after for her new job as a private investigator. She quit her job at Miami Metro and doesn’t speak to anyone, even letting her voice mail fill to capacity and never answering any calls. She wants nothing to do with Dexter.

But after memorializing LaGuerta, Dexter becomes concerned for Deb’s well being and starts digging in on her case for the PI firm she works for. The dude she is after is a jewel thief who stole from a mob boss’ jewelry store and is attempting to sell those jewels. The guy coming to buy them is actually a hit man and Deb is unaware. So Dexter goes off to find her and warn her of the impending danger.

In the meantime, there is another body for Dexter to attend to with Miami Metro. A man has been shot, dumped in a park, and postmortem has been surgically cut through the skull and had a piece of his brain removed. A new woman shows up to the briefing at the office, Doctor Evelyn Vogel, an expert on psychopathic serial killers. She points out that the portion of the victim’s brain removed is the part that feels empathy, something serial killers do not have.

She asks Dexter to come see her in the morgue and begins asking him questions that are too close to home. Dexter speaks with Matthews and asks how Vogel came to work on the case. She contacted him and wanted to do some of her own research and he was grateful for her help. Later on, she gives Dexter an envelope full of a child’s drawings. They are all of murder and death. They belong to Dexter and are inscribed with his childhood signature. She tells Dexter that he cannot kill her because she doesn’t meet Harry’s code. Well shit, this old broad knows it all.

When Dex goes to warn Deb about El Sapo being a hit man, she freaks out tells him to GTFO. She doesn’t care that her life is in danger. She doesn’t want to see Dexter. She hates him. He has ruined all the things she cared about in life. He tells her that she is lost and she says that HE is the one who is lost. All this time she thought she needed him and yet it was the other way around. Dexter realizes the truth behind this statement. And for the love of God, can someone please nominate Jennifer Carpenter for an Emmy already? Seriously! This woman is carrying the entire show.

Dex freaks out when the jewel thief Briggs comes out to break up Deb and his fight. He attacks Briggs and stabs him. Deb is emotionally distraught but tells Dexter to hit the road because she is calling this murder into the police. Because Dex can be an idiot, he brought Harrison along in his car and when he gets back to the vehicle the kid is gone. He finds him in the parking lot of the hotel and embraces him with his hands covered in blood.

Now that Vogel is on his tale will Dexter finally accept his fate and turn himself in? What do you think will happen on the last season of Dexter?