‘Dexter’ Review: ‘A Horse Of A Different Color’

In the latest episode of ‘Dexter’ the opening scene explained a few things about ‘Brother Sam’ played by Mos Def and let viewers know immediately that ‘Dexter’ was going to delve even deeper into religion.

Brother Sam is a man of faith or least he claims to be. He baptizes a brother, he runs the ‘Good Shepherd’ auto shop and he witnessed his father gun a man down when he was a child. He has been through it all and he doesn’t need to prove to ‘Dexter’ that God exists. ‘Dexter’ seems to be struggling more than ever with this idea.

“You’d think science would have made religion obsolete, but it hasn’t,” said ‘Dexter’ played by Michael C. Hall.

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Our favorite killer is called to another gruesome crime scene. One body has been strewn between four horses of the apocalypse. Producers explained in a behind the scenes interview that a lack of time and supplies for the scene allotted for only one body, but it turned out to be even more macabre than they had originally planned. Unfortunately, it seems they have been spending all their budget this season on terrible CGI snakes and locusts.

Dexter finds a slip of paper inside of the victim’s eyelid reading the numbers ‘1242’ then another inside the first victim’s intestines. Batista theorizes that this may be a countdown to doomsday and the ‘Doomsday Killer’ is born. Later, Batista connects the use of a rusty metal object with Professor Geller who was fired from a university for his creepy blog and stealing of John the Revelator’s sword.

It seems his brain gems stop there because in the next scene he and Quinn got majorly stoned in his Trans Am, then hit up the office for their munchies. Remember when Batista had game?

It is entertaining to watch Quinn challenge the new hot dude in the office, Mike Anderson. He seems to be well equipped in more ways than just intelligence and Deb has already made one of her odd connections to him. Hot relationship in the future? One can only hope.

Deb gets advice from the worst person ever on being professional. La Guarta lets her borrow one of her necklaces and forces her to face the camera. The result is a classic Deb curse word screw up. Luckily her superiors love it, so she can go back to wearing her ‘ho-down’ get up once again.

Masuka’s hot lab assistant has been selling ‘Ice Truck Killer’ evidence online and it was nice to see him posses some small value system when he told her to hit the road.

Dexter got into a few different existential discussions with Brother Sam this episode, especially when Harrison had his appendix removed. These are usually Dexter’s way to connect with a killer he is hunting, but Brother Sam seems different. There is definitely something more behind the holy mask, but Dexter is actually taking these talks very seriously. Dexter Morgan even said a prayer, making a pact with God in exchange for Harrison’s life.

This introduces a whole new set of rules for Dexter which will become a major game changer. Will he be able to continue murdering? I’m sure Dex will be able to find a way to see it as justice and not murder in the future, but for now the idea remains interesting.

Travis played by Colin Hanks, actually got laid. Religious freaks can get some too apparently. Creepy Professor Geller makes sure to watch the magic happen in the sack, which is super gross. The consequence of Travis’ love life was the sacrifice of his lady friend for a better cause. Deb’s crew finds the girl still alive inside of a greenhouse, but they screw everything up and end up killing the poor chick when they set off the booby trap.

This is going to prove for an exciting game of cat and mouse for Dexter and a total cluster cuss for Deb. Now that the ‘Doomsday Killer’ is considered a true serial killer, Dexter is ready for some real action. The question is whether his new set of values will approve of the chase.