‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?’

Michael C Hall On Set
Hall Shows Off His Acting Chops On The Set Of Dexter
Even though Deb is on a rampage of drunken insanity, Dexter Morgan still blames himself for his sister’s behavior and rightly so. On this week’s episode of Showtime’s Dexter, Deb was found in a parked car and almost received a DUI, but Joey Quinn came to her rescue. Quinn is clearly still in love with her and informs Dexter the next day.

Quinn drops her off at her shady job with her shady boss Elway where he gives her more ‘vitamins and electrolytes’ to drink. Dexter is called to Sussman’s cabin and finds his body set up as a suicide with a gunshot wound to the head. Dexter knows that a killer set up Sussman’s death and is still at large. Vogel receives two more brain packages at her doorstep.

He decides to look through Vogel’s patient files one by one to dwindle down the list of suspects.

He finds his suspect at the mall touting fitness equipment and chatting up chicks. The dude measures Dexter’s body fat and tries to sell him an elliptical machine while Dexter brings up Vogel’s book and tries to chat about the author. Although the dude denies knowing of Vogel, Dexter follows him home and finds that he is indeed a murderer and a cannibal as well. He ends up on Dexter’s kill table, dead as a doornail.

After Deb helps out her boss with the case of a cheating husband and the wife completely denies the evidence they present, she kind of goes off the deep end and gets plastered drunk. She stumbles into Miami Metro and tells Quinn that she killed LaGuerta. He obviously doesn’t believe her and leads her back to the interrogation room before handing her a notebook and pen. He calls Dexter who arrives on the scene with Vogel in tow to explain Debra’s PTSD behavior. While Quinn is out of the room Dexter gives her a shot to make her pass out and Vogel steals her confession notepad.

Vogel stays with Deb at her house and prepares to walk her through everything so Dexter can stay out of it. She questions Dexter and his breaking of the code by not killing Debra when she found out he was a serial killer. Dex says it is because she is his sister and he loves her, but Vogel says that his feelings don’t fit the sociopathic prototype. Either Dexter isn’t as terrible as Vogel believes him to be or his version of love is warped.

Either way we can suspect that Vogel is hiding something. From the looks of next week’s previews he wants to cut her off and part ways. Now to finding out why . . .