‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘This Little Piggy’

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After Deb tried to kill off Dexter and ended up saving him a second time, it seems like there is no getting rid of our favorite serial killer on Showtime’s Dexter.

The two siblings sat in Dr. Vogel’s home office bickering about the incident and Dexter seemed pretty pissed off. He has saved Deb’s life a million times and she wants to leave Harrison parentless?

After Dex throws a tantrum and tells the two ladies to bugger off, he is back to work trying to catch Yates. Meanwhile, Quinn is really moving up in the world. He is running the Miami Metro morning briefing, even though he is clearly not qualified to be promoted over his female coworker.

Masuka is still concerned about his daughter and has Deb run a PI case file on her to make sure she isn’t using him for money. This is the last and finale season of Dexter and the writers are trying to make us care about Masuka? Kind of a waste of time if you ask me.

Miami Metro makes the connection to Yates and shows up at his house, even though Dexter knows the dude won’t be there. They find six bodies buried in the backyard under rose bushes, each with a foot full of broken toes and a left foot still wearing a shoe. A little while later, Yates shows up to Vogel’s house and kidnaps her. Debra shows up shortly after and lets Dex know that their mutual doctor has been taken.

Before Dexter can search for Vogel he is set up on a double date at his apartment by Jamie and it’s super awkward. This is yet another plot line that seems pointless for the last season. Hannah McKay is set to return on the scene soon and Dexter’s finality is on the horizon, does he really need a new love interest?

Yates is about to cut off the first of Vogel’s toes, but she uses some serious psychology on him and pretends to be his mother before slapping him. While he is nursing his wounds in the kitchen, she calls Dexter’s cell phone from Yates’ phone and allows Deb and Dex to trace the call and listen as they make their way to her location. Yates figures it out after awhile and freaks. Dex and Deb enter the house and find Vogel in a closet bound and gagged before Dexter notices Yates under the bed and stabs him with a curtain rod.

So now Yates is out of the picture early on, which is nice because he wasn’t too great a villain (or an actor for that matter). However, we are left with a teenage kid who seems a lot like Dexter and may have killed his father’s mistress. It still seems like a snooze to me. Where is the intensity of LaGuerta on Dexter’s tale and why hasn’t someone picked up where she left off? Yeah, we are sifting through Deb and Dex’s relationship, but we are five episodes in and these goons are going to wrap up this series like it deserves?

One can only hope.

By Chelsi Archibald

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