‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘This Is The Way The World Ends’

In the season finale of Showtime’s Dexter fans expected the apocalypse and the writers certainly didn’t disappoint. Michael C. Hall continues to be super hot in a tight thermal killing shirt and Jennifer Carpenter characters’ weird crush on her brother has everyone intrigued.

Dexter survived the lake of fire explosion that Travis left him in, but now he has bigger problems. He is stranded at sea and his time is fading fast. Luckily, the good ship ‘Milagro’ comes to his rescue and suddenly Dexter becomes a believer in miracles.

After climbing aboard, he quickly realizes the coyote in charge is robbing the illegal immigrants on their way to Florida. He threatens a pregnant woman which transforms Dexter into Captain Ahab and he straight up harpoons the dude. We’ve never been more psyched on his vigilante killing before.

Travis is still hanging out with stinky dead people and their cat while admiring his beautiful artwork in the living room. He decides to bounce, but makes sure to grab an apple from the kitchen where the corpses have been rotting. With all of Travis’ education, you’d think he knows a thing or two about fruit flies!

Deb and Dexter show up to the crime scene where Deb proceeds to act super weird and Dexter hammers the face of Travis’ painting so the crew won’t notice it’s uncanny resemblance to their expert blood spatter analyst.

Earlier, Deb hugged Dexter and told him that she loves him. She was shocked to find that her brother loves her too, which is odd because they grew up together and have saved each other’s lives numerous times. Naturally, Dexter should love his ‘sister’. Now audiences have to deal with the most awkward brother-sister love fest since ‘Game of Thrones’ season one ended. What am I saying? That shit was off the charts messed up.

Dexter takes Harrison to his preschool pageant which theme centers on the story of Noah’s Ark. Travis finds Dexter’s ID and goes to his apartment. Like the creep that he is he tried on Dexter’s clothes, snoops around and follows him to the pageant. He kidnaps Harrison and decides to use him as a sacrifice to God on the top of a Miami skyscraper.

Deb catches onto this plan and sends units to all the tallest buildings in the area. One unlucky redshirt cop got the revelations machete by Travis and some how Dexter magically pinpointed their location, arriving just in time. He was able to fake tranquilize himself so Travis would let Harrison go. By the time Miami Metro arrives to the building Travis’ body was gone, but the alter of which he planned to use for Harrison remains.

Deb freaks out and La Guerta decides to be nice to her, telling her to keep a ‘chin up’. Batista is so over Quinn’s douche baggery and tells him he is getting him transferred. Quinn retorts with his alcoholism and future treatment, which will prevent a transfer. Also, Luis’ obsession with the ‘Ice Truck’ killer and Batista’s little sister is not resolved this season. These are all side plots that no one seems to care about.

Deb uses her brain and thinks about the old church, hoping that Travis will be there. Last season, she almost caught Dexter and Lumen in the act of killing, but allowed them to get away. This season however, she walks in right as Dexter thrusts his knife into Travis’ chest cavity. Whoops! It’s the moment we’ve all been fearing yet hoping for. The season ended with Deb’s mouth hanging open in shock and Dexter exclaiming, “Oh God!” This was brilliant on the part of the writers to tie his reaction in with his season long existential crisis.

Honestly, I fell for this tactic hook, line, and sinker. I’m praying that the writers were planning this all along and did not throw it in out of desperation when they read bad critical reviews. Travis had better be dead, because no one should have to deal with his terrible acting any longer. Mos Def’s character may have served the God-complex spin on the story, but even that was badly utilized. I was so disappointed by this season that I swore nothing could bring me back, but this ending was exactly what we needed.

Only a few nagging questions remain and these are purely romantic indulgences. Dexter never seemed to act upset or mourn the loss of Rita. His concern for his son didn’t bring up these feelings either. Rita was a much loved character and now she is hardly a whisper in the wind. Lumen was absolutely perfect for Dex because she accepted who he was and saw the good in him despite his killing, but she too left abruptly. This should have left a hole in Dexter’s heart but hasn’t seemed to phase him. Now we are expected to believe that Dexter will be down with hooking up with his kid sister? Yeah, they’re not technically blood related, but this is still creepy. You cannot tell me this was the plan from day one of the series. The writers seem to be grasping at straws when they already have a wealth of material to portray and elaborate on. Either way, I’ll continue watching because well, it’s still one of the absolute best shows on television.

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