‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘The Dark . . . Whatever’

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Now that Dexter is fully committed to Hannah McKay, he is willing to do almost anything for her. And it’s a good thing, because Hannah’s father showed up in this episode of Showtime’s Dexter to pay her a visit and give her some extra trouble. This may be one of those times when having a serial killer for a boyfriend could actually be convenient.

Dexter is also investigating the Phantom, a killer who has been pouring kerosine over random citizens and setting them aflame. Dexter suspects that Phil Bosso, the arson investigator is to blame. Even Deb is suspicious of the man, but Dexter finds out the truth.

Dex follows Phil to a park and sees gasoline in his vehicle, but it turns out the dude is just the fireworks specialist for a Civil War reenactment and he has an alibi for the previous week’s murder. At the same time another fire murder is committed on a public transit and the police are able to get a security tape of the footage inside the bus. They find a finger print on one of the bus hand rails and run the print, but it brings up nothing. Deb laments that they can’t check juvenile records because they are closed cases.

While we realize that the story must progress somehow, it seems odd that Deb would hand this one to Dex unless she subconsciously wanted him to break into the juvenile records department and get the print matched. Whatever the reason, Dex does find a match which belongs to Joseph Jensen who went to juvy for committing arson when he was twelve and was recently released.

Hannah’s dad is still causing her trouble. First he gives her a creepy doll house that he won at poker after he stranded her in a hotel room for three days when she was a kid. Oddly, Hannah gives him the benefit of the doubt and is glad to see he is trying to mend their relationship. Dex is more suspicious. Later on, after a nice day together and a hearty breakfast the next morning, Clint-the-terrible-father proposes a new business venture in craw fishing. He asks Hannah to mortgage her house and loan him the $20,000 starter funds. Hannah says no and Clint freaks out. Then he drunkenly rams his truck into her green house, destroying most of it and telling her that she is the reason her mother passed away, from a broken heart. Dexter freaks out and chokes Clint, telling him to GTFO.

Hannah begins questioning Dex about his “Dark Passenger”, but mistakenly calls it, “The Dark . . . Whatever.” She tells him that he might be blaming this fictional side of himself when he is the only one responsible and in control. Ghost dad confirms these thoughts and when Dexter tracks down Joseph the arsonist, he realizes that he can’t blame his killer tendencies on childhood trauma anymore. He instead makes an anonymous call to Miami Metro and leads them to Joseph as well as his incriminating evidence. Deb immediately realizes that Dexter was behind it all and assumes he gave Joseph up in exchange for Hannah’s freedom. Deb tells him no deal.

Meanwhile, LaGuerta has teamed up with her sworn enemy Matthews and they decide to track down the Bay Harbor Butcher by going to the cabin where Doakes was killed. After talking to the landlord, Matthews makes the connection that Jimenez the renter was the dude who killed Dexter’s mother, leaving he and his brother to witness the atrocity. LaGuerta is certain that Dexter is the true killer, points out that the blood slide technique matches Dexter’s affinity as a blood spatter analyst, and wants to question him. Matthews proposes that he do it instead because he’s known Dexter since he was a kid.

And then there was Quinn, the guy who has always been a bit shady, was once kind of engaged to Deb, and happens to love Ukranian strippers. He gets word that Nadia’s boss George is about to ship her to another strip club or worse, sell her as a sex slave. Quinn and Batista go to The Fox Hole to check it out and Quinn goes into George’s office alone. George has Nadia with him and starts slapping her around and beating the shit out of her. Quinn loses it and shoots George. While everyone in the club chaotically try to escape the scene, Quinn tells Nadia to shoot him in the arm, making it look like he killed George out of self defense. Batista sees right through this, but still allows Nadia to flee the scene so she won’t be incriminated or used as witness. Quinn’s career as a police officer might be officially over.

After Dexter leads Deb to Joseph the arsonist, he tracks down Clint who is attempting extortion. Clint says he knows a woman named Arlene that was Hannah’s roommate at the half way house where she poisoned an employee. If Dexter doesn’t give him the money he wants, which is actually for gambling debts, he will hand over the evidence to Miami Metro. Dexter decides he’s had enough and takes Clint out to the ocean, where he stabs him and throws him in the water. When Dex shares the news with Hannah, she is grateful and they embrace tenderly. Who knows if their relationship will last?

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