‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘The Angel Of Death’

This episode of Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ proved that although things had a rough start, they just keep getting better and better. Pan in on the ever attractive Michael C. Hall and a pair of angel’s wings. Is this a crime lab or are we in heaven?

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Dexter finds that a piece of the wing has been patched with unique glue. ‘A polyvinyl acetate polymer dissolved in toluene’ to be very exact. The crew at Miami Metro start quoting Revelations and Masuka hires a hot new assistant named Louis Green who sweeps his computer for porn. Just another day at the office.

Masuka is having trouble locating the ‘Ice Truck Killer’ evidence that his ex-assistant stole from him and placed for sale online. Louis goes to work solving that problem while Masuka finds another slip of paper with an unknown number on the latest victim of the ‘Doomsday Killer’.

Quinn asks for his engagement ring back from Deb, who doesn’t seem to care at all that she may have let a toddler flush it down the toilet or drop it into a heating vent. Luckily, it only took one fight with the nanny to get it back and realize that she needs her own space. So naturally she chooses the bloody murder-suicide crime scene that is up for rent. She did save twenty five percent on rent although I think the land lord got the better end of the deal.

New detective Mike Anderson continues to be totally awkward and inappropriate, which means he and Deb should have a hot hookup in no time. He insults Miami Metro, tells a sweet little story about brains and kitty chow, then drools about Chicago hot dogs. Classy.

Brother Sam mentions to Dexter that someone has been causing trouble at his auto body shop making it more dangerous than ever. He visits little Harrison to make sure he is well from his surgery and Dexter gets in a philosophical discussion with Mos Def once again. Brother Sam tells him that ‘there is no darkness that the light can’t overcome’ and encourages Dexter to let his little light shine. It’s like Dexter tries to replace his Ghost Dad every season and then it backfires on him. Anyone who knows details about his life end up dead and it seems Brother Sam may be no exception.

Professor Geller tries to train his padawan Travis to start making his own kills, but Travis is a little pansy. They have a happenin’ night at the local watering hole and notice that Geller is front page news. This doesn’t seem to bother him. “Looks like you’ll have to find our whore without me.” Well darn, I’m sure Travis is just bummed about carrying out that task.

Dexter catches up to Travis after discovering that he restores paintings for the art museum. He not only finds that Travis is an OCD neat freak and has the worst book collection ever, but also he has a bible matching the numbered paper slips in his apartment. Dexter first decides to kill Travis, but discovers that he is nothing more than an accomplice and plans to use him as bait.

Quinn had the daunting task of ‘interviewing’ Professor Porter, a young hot thing that can’t be trusted because she has an ‘Om’ tramp stamp, students that plagiarize C.S. Lewis and she turned Bill Compton into a vampire. She may also have a double jointed neck that can be twisted around when you want to be kinky, just sayin’.

Turns out, Porter holds the key to Professor Geller, a book Batista finds full of illustrations that describe each of the deaths thus far and possible outcomes for future murders. The only problem is that Quinn has created a major conflict of interest by putting his libido ahead of his investigation. Quinn strikes again. Hopefully, Dexter will be able to fix another blunder and equal the score.