‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Talk To The Hand’

In the latest episode of Showtime’s ‘Dexter’, Michael C. Hall put on another show stopping performance. Dexter is attempting to juggle all the elements while his world spins even further out of control.

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Dexter gave Miami Metro an anonymous tip about the Doomsday Killer’s accomplice. The yacht is covered in blood and the crew isn’t any closer to finding Travis. They realize that Batista is missing and send the ever heroic Quinn to find him.

Quinn shows up to Dorsey’s house to find Batista tied down to a bed in a room that’s on fire. Travis escapes through an open window. Quinn chooses to save Batista’s life instead of chasing after the suspect.

Travis sends Dorsey’s wife to gas the entire Miami metro with his latest tableau ‘Wormwood’. Miraculously though, Dexter recognizes her before she kills Deb and he saves his sister from respiratory failure. Dorsey’s wife is the only victim.

Dexter is in bad shape from breathing in toxic gas, but decides to go after Travis anyway. He leaves Harrison with a nanny and runs off to put a fake tableau on the fountain near the museum. Using Geller’s old hand and a few gallons of blood, he gets Travis’ attention. Oh and also, Dexter sent him a video text message inviting him to join him at the harbor. Travis gets so mad about this that he puts on his Colin-Hanks-is-angry-yet-pouty-face and he paints the shit out of some picture of the devil, making it appear like Dexter.

Deb is seeing a therapist who is decides to plant the worst idea of all time into her brain. She tells her that she must have a sexual/love thing for her brother Dexter because she talks about him so often. Even though Deb has been learning more and more about Dexter this season, I’m not buying into the writer’s desperate attempt to keep us interested. It’s pathetic that they would resort to some sick sex dance between Dex and Deb when they haven’t even remotely alluded to it before.

Deb ends up having a weird dream in which she kisses Dexter. The only redeeming quality to this situation is that we get to see a little on screen chemistry between Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter who eloped a couple years back and are now divorced.

Deb also has dinner with Matthews and confronts him about leaving a call girl at the scene of her over dose. He says he is sad about his dead wife and then the audience fell asleep for awhile. La Guerta continued to be a bitch by telling on Matthews and blaming Deb. This is all superfluous because nobody really cares about this side plot.

Oh yeah and Louis is mailing the Ice Truck Killer’s fake hand to Dexter now. Somehow the writers are going to hand us that terrible plot on a silver platter in next week’s episode.

Travis comes to the harbor but right as Dexter is about to attack him, he gets light headed and Travis overtakes him. He wakes up in the middle of the ocean, tied up in a fishing boat surrounded by fire and gasoline. Travis leaves him before confirming he is dead and Dexter escapes before the boat explodes.

Fans may be angry about the terrible reviews for this season, but count me in as one of the most disappointed fans of this show. Colin Hanks should never have been the main killer, let alone carrying the entire premise. They gave us high hopes with Mos Def and Edward James Olmos, but they’ve left us with a hole filled plot and awkward, unwanted brother/sister intimacy. Please let the next two seasons make up for this ordeal we’ve all had to endure. Dexter’s character deserves better than this and so do his fans.