‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Swim Deep’

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Dexter Season 7, Swim Deep

Now that Showtime’s Dexter is finally getting back on track, things are ramping up and this episode made sure to elevate the hype. Dexter is cleaning his boat at the harbor when he finds someone else’s blood. It’s not one of his victims and he realizes that someone has been killed on his boat. He then finds Isaac in his apartment and waits for him to leave. Let the cat and mouse game begin.

Meanwhile, Deb and LaGuerta are reopening the investigation into the Bay Harbor Butcher and Deb realizes that sooner or later this will lead back to her brother. Dexter killed a wedding photographer a few years back and is seen in some of the photos from the night of the murder. Deb steals the evidence and continues to cover Dexter’s tracks. But the hits keep on coming.

Dexter informs Deb that Isaac is after him because he killed Viktor. He makes Deb sleep at a cheap motel and keeps her safe, but she is not happy and wants to arrest Isaac rather than let Dex kill him. But her brother leads the Ukrainian mobster to a rival gang’s bar and lets them take care of his problem. Isaac manages to kill all three men at the bar, but leaves blood from his own injury at the scene of the crime. This allows him to be taken into custody.

Dexter visits him in jail and Isaac lets him know that he will not be forgetting him. Eventually Isaac says, he will catch up to Dex and kill him years in the future. This leaves Deb and Harrison in a precarious situation if Dexter doesn’t kill Isaac.

Batista questions Deb about the strip club bartender’s suicide and gives her his theory about it being a cover up. Deb immediately shuts him down and tells him to let it go. Remember how we all hated LaGuerta for doing this to Deb several times throughout the series? My, how the tables have turned. Deb probably relates more to her sworn enemy LaGuerta now more than ever. Her alliance with her serial killer brother is really wrecking her values system. But at the very least, she isn’t married to Quinn. Remember how that was almost a thing?

Quinn is now romantically involved with Nadia the stripper and the strip club has been giving him money to stay quiet about narcotics, but now they realize he might be an asset to the investigation into Mike’s death so they pay him even more money. Dexter always sensed something off about Quinn from the beginning and didn’t exactly approve of his relationship to Deb. In fact, Dexter has sabotaged nearly every single one of Deb’s relationships. Is this his subconscious way of keeping her to himself?

Hannah is now helping Dexter find all the victim’s bodies from her ex-boyfriend’s kills. The police find the bodies of a couple and Dexter realizes that the husband was killed by a man and the woman seemed to be straddled and killed by a less experienced killer and who wasn’t as strong. He immediately realizes that Hannah is also a killer and that the DA gave her immunity so she would testify against her ex. Dexter is both intrigued and vengeful. It’s a new game for him to play with another insane female.

Deb decides she doesn’t want to know anything more about Dexter’s kills and let’s him go about his business. Deb is playing the role of wife, knowing full well of Dexter’s infidelities with murder. Now Hannah is playing the new mistress. Will the two women meet up at some point, forcing Dex to choose his angel or his demon side? No doubt. In the meantime, the interactions are heating up and it’s fun to watch.

By Chelsi Archibald

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