‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Sunshine And Frosty Swirl’

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Dexter Is Hotter Than Ever & Ready To Kill Again
To begin this episode of Showtime’s Dexter, Debra Morgan puked her guts out. You would too if you’d recently found out that your brother was a serial killer. She also realized that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher and that Doakes was innocent. And apparently, LaGuerta is finding that out also.

LaGuerta had the blood slide from Travis’ crime scene tested and confirmed as a positive match to his blood. She then remembered that there is an entire box of slides from the Bay Harbor case and realizes that someone close to Doakes let him take the fall. Even though LaGuerta can be extremely annoying, this little twist has got me hooked. That and the fact that Deb is making Dexter move in with her.

Thank God that the writers have yet to follow through with the Dexter/Debra love story. It just doesn’t fly. There have been many problems with Dexter’s romantic life that have bothered me as a viewer from about season two onward. First we had to deal with Lila, then we watched Rita kick the bucket, and witnessed Dexter fall in love with Lumen within weeks or months of Rita’s death. Then Lumen just splits the scene and now we are left with no romantic interest for Dexter other than his sister? No way. Not after what we’ve been through. As much as I’d like to see Michael C. Hall’s chiseled abs working it with the ladies, it’s just too weird to think Deb and Dex could ever go there.

So props to Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall for acting like true professionals and creating some on screen magic together despite their personal life outside of the show. Deb decides to watch Dexter’s every move and accompany him wherever he goes, but he drugs her steak at dinner with a syringe and goes off to kill Louis.

Louis claims that he cancelled Dexter’s credit cards, sent him the Ice Truck Killer’s mannequin hand, and threatened him in a video diary because he was bummed Dexter didn’t approve of his video game. Bogus. There is something more here and Dexter knows it. But he hasn’t proven what that is and so he calls Deb to stop himself from killing Louis. She is unaware that Louis is in Dexter’s car and is happy that he called her before killing again.

But let’s be frank, the code that Dexter speaks of has been violated before and it’s kind of shot to shit now. A couple of seasons ago he killed a photographer who wasn’t actually a killer, oops. Then he hammered a dude in the face at a grungy gas station right after he saw Rita dead. I was really hoping the writers would explore this and that Dexter would realize the consequences of breaking this code, but it wasn’t mentioned again.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Angel Batista are investigating the death of a Russian prostitute and their fellow detective Mike, who was shot by someone affiliated with a local strip club. Quinn, who is looking very haggard this season and a bit to gaunt in the face, starts talking to a stripper named Nadia. She gives him the name Victor Baskov and the guys are on it like white on rice. But not before the Russian mob boss makes a visit and offs the dude. Queue the ever classic screw driver to the eye socket.

A local killer makes a plea bargain with law enforcement and says he’ll show them where he buried some bodies. He gets ice-cream and Dexter starts asking him questions about how he overcame his murderous cravings. He claims that he just surrendered. This is the same dude who led the werewolf pack in True Blood a couple seasons ago and gave Alcide a run for his money, but I digress. After a couple of days of sunshine and ice cream, our orange jump suited friend takes a flying leap in front of a semi truck, splattering Dexter’s face with blood. One might wonder if Deb thinks Dexter pushed him or provoked him into jumping in front of the truck, but the show didn’t allude to that as far as I could see.

So now we have Louis just chilling with Jamie, Harrison’s nanny and knowing full well that Dexter is on his tale. And we have LaGuerta doing some investigating on her own. And we have our favorite bald asian offering to blow Dexter because he isn’t going to tell anyone that Masuka lost the Ice Truck Killer’s mannequin hand. All in all it was a pretty damned good episode, mostly because Dexter refused Masuka’s offer.