‘Dexter’ Recap: Smokey And The Bandit

Jennifer Carpenter proved that she is not only super gorgeous but that she has some real acting chops in the latest episode of Dexter. The character ‘Deb’ may be faced with a new important job as Lieutenant but her hot ex-boyfriend Quinn has not wasted any time proving that underneath all that proposal nonsense, he is just a guy that needs a good naked ‘wrestling’ buddy.

“But if our lives don’t have meaning what do we leave behind for the ones we care about?” says ‘Dexter’.

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Dexter starts his day out like any normal serial killer. Compliment your sister on her business casual attire to psyche her up for her new job, remind the nanny not to feed your kid any fruit roll ups and make sure to skip happily down to the nearest crime scene to check out the hooker with the missing lateral incisor. Nothing more than a simple day in the life of Dexter Morgan.

In high school Batista wanted a 77′ Trans Am just like Bert Renolds. Now all he wants is a little peace and quiet away from the drama and maybe a hot piece of ass. Quinn is just the guy to throw it all in his face. Now that he and Deb are broken up, Quinn has found some prime juicy blonde make out meat.

Dexter sees a missing tooth and goes straight for his murder box. Not only does Dexter keep mementos of his kills, but scrapbooks of all his favorite killers. Ghost dad shows up to reminisce about the days he wishes that scrapbook was a stack of Playboys. The ‘Toothfairy Killer’ had fifteen victims, all of them prostitutes who were dumped on the roadside with their lateral incisors missing back in the 80’s. Dexter points out that Miami is the most logical place for any retiree to settle down, even if their job was serial killing.

“Going through old age is like going through second childhood. There are bicycles, primary colors and ball chasing.”

Dexter goes to ‘Coral Island’ retirement village to find his next victim and his prime suspect for the ‘Tooth Fairy Killings’. Walter Kenney is an old, grouchy bastard with a dump for an apartment and a penchant for porn. Dexter is disgusted when he contemplates his own future as an old has-been murderer. Walter is a dead giveaway as the murderer when Dexter notices he has a fake lateral incisor himself and follows him to a storage unit to find a tin box full of teeth.

Jennifer Carpenter gave a fantastic show of emotion as she confessed to her brother her worries about being the new boss. This could very well be her best season yet and she is still making sure to give us those hilarious cuss filled one liners.

Masuka’s assistant uses him to get to the ‘holy of holies’, the fake hand from the ‘Ice Truck Killings’. It was slightly sad to see brother Rudy’s medical name tag until we remembered that he was creepy as hell. Now that hand is on the loose and it’s not going to look good for old Professor Masuka, Vietnamese Pho or none.

Dexter has to take his car back to Mos Def after he killed off Walter, not with a knife but shamefully with a good old fashioned smothering. Brother Sam made sure to invite him to a baptism while Colin Hanks threatened a mystery man’s life in an old abandoned church. How does Professor Geller hold this power over the character of ‘Travis’? This button up, ivy league science geek is teetering on the edge of reason and insanity. He is constantly questioning whether he is doing the right thing. Only time will tell how insane those decisions really are. We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg thus far.

In an act of existential desperation Dexter spills his blood sample slides all over the floor. His last words leave us wondering just how much our favorite killer can take. He has lost his father, his wife, his family and a soul mate in Lumen, but when will enough be enough? Without his strict sense of ethics guiding him, will Dexter become a boring old basket case like Walter?

“I don’t know which slide goes where, who’s who. There is no order anymore.”