‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Sins Of Omission’

In the latest episode of Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ our favorite serial killer decided to face his responsibilities and start giving people the benefit of the doubt. Deb has major issues with Dexter and wants to talk, but he is distracted by The Doomsday Killer’s latest grotesque display.

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Although Mos Def’s character and killer acting has disappeared, Colin Hanks has been shaping up to be a better nerdy accomplice than originally anticipated. He even dropped an ‘F-bomb’ this episode, which obviously means that he is dead serious about this whole acting thing now.

Dexter shows up to Deb’s house to apologize about missing five days of work. She isn’t too pleased, but later on she decides to strike up a serious talk when she realizes that Dexter went to Nebraska to connect with the Trinity Killer’s son Jonah. Deb is dealing with a lot of responsibilities and more of La Guerta’s bullshit. Good thing she has a trusty therapist to help her work through these emotions.

Travis (Colin Hanks) has cut himself off from Professor Gellar and even through away a photo of them together at graduation. I’m sure this also means that he deleted him on his Facebook, but no one can know for sure. Travis is connecting with his sister and making her breakfast, but then Gellar decides to make her his next victim.

In a style of ‘The Whore of Babylon’ he displays her body on a thrown with an animal mask in front of the elementary school where she works. Way to keep it classy Gellar. Dexter notices that there is no number code left on the body, which means that Travis is no longer doing Gellar’s dirty work.

The crew is getting close to finding Travis so Dexter decides he should approach him first. He presents him with a passage from Brother Sam’s bloody bible which proves surprisingly affective. Dexter also visits a priest connected to Gellar and is forced to give a confession. The priest forgives him for his sins and points him in the direction of the old church where Gellar is now hulled up.

Dexter finds Travis chained up at the church but Gellar flees the scene. Travis will now be joining in Dexter’s hunt, which will prove especially interesting now that Dexter is feeling more merciful than ever before.