‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Scar Tissue’

The Cast Says Goodbye
An Emotional Comic Con Panel Brings Tears To Cast & Fans
Since Deb totally freaked out last week and had to be sedated, this week on Showtime’s Dexter Dr. Vogel is working with Dexter to make sure his sister has a better transition back into normal existence. Dexter insists that he loves Deb, but the Doc says that’s not possible as he is a sociopath. She demands that Dex and Deb remain apart.

Quinn passed his sergeants test, much to the shock and surprise of his girlfriend and his superior Angel Batista. Despite the fact that Matthews told Batista to go with the better qualified hard working black woman, we have a feeling he won’t take that advice and it may backfire.

Dexter starts tracking Yates, a former patient of Vogel’s who she performed brain surgery experiments on. This could be the guy Dex has been looking for, but in the meantime he finds womens’ shoes in Yates’ closet and is almost attacked by him when Dexter is seen on his video cameras. Yates hears him talking to Vogel on the phone and reconsiders the attack.

Later on, Dexter goes back to the house and Yates has disappeared. In his place is one of his female victims whom Dexter rushes to the ER before meeting Vogel back at Yates’ house. When going through his computer Dexter finds that he has hacked into Vogel’s hard drive and starts reading her journals. They are about Dexter himself and all the discussions they’ve had together. He is furious and tells her that the moment he catches Yates their relationship is over.

Deb finds extra videos of her father and Vogel in sessions. She catches onto the fact that her father could no longer emotionally deal with Dexter’s dirty deeds and offed himself with his own heart meds. She gets really pleasant all of a sudden, gives a heartfelt goodbye to Quinn and then greets Dexter very oddly. They go on a friendly car ride and she jerks the wheel into a river. A good samaritan saves Deb and leaves Dexter in the car before it capsizes and goes under water.

While Vogel was working with Deb in therapy she told her that if she had the chance again she would save Dexter every time because she loves her brother and she is a good person. Debra watches the car capsize and realizes she could let Dexter die, but changes her mind last minute and swims to pull him from the vehicle in the nick of time.

Other extremely random occurrences were Masuka’s daughter showing up to the station and reminding him that he was a sperm donor in college. Gross. Deb’s boss Elway is still shady and annoying. And Quinn still loves Deb, even getting into a bar fight to defend her honor in front of his current girlfriend Jamie.