‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Run’

Michael C.Hall On Set
Hall Films The Latest Installment Of Dexter
In Showtime’s latest episode of Dexter, Michael C. Hall still manages to play serial killer very well despite the show’s obvious flaws. After this many seasons, the only thing keeping the audience coming back for more is not the cheesy setups with the Russian mafia or Miami Metro’s investigations against even more fantastical killers, but the interaction between Hall and former wife Jennifer Carpenter.

Deb narrowly escaped Speltzer after following him to his latest kill and luckily, Dexter made it there in time to save her ass yet again. But she is still trying to prove Dex wrong by getting Speltzer the right way, through Miami Metro. He is arrested and brought in for questioning without a lawyer. Deb gets a creepy confession out of him, but later finds out that the arresting officers didn’t properly administer Speltzer his Miranda Rights and he goes free. This does not sit well with Deb or Dex.

Speltzer then shows up to his victim’s funeral and Deb loses her shit. Realizing that Dexter may be the only way Speltzer is brought to justice, she turns a blind eye when Dexter starts acting serial killer-esque. She does however remind him that any back luck that follows him back home will surely find Harrison the way it found Rita with the Trinity killer. Dex tries to tell her he has it all under his control, but even the audience can see that he doesn’t truly believe that. Which is why he sends Harrison to stay with Rita’s parents with nanny Jamie.

Jamie is cleaning out Harrison’s old toys and asks Dex if she should throw out his lamb. Dexter has a hard time letting it go because Harrison had the stuffed animal since birth. Jamie points out to him that Harrison letting go of this doll means he will integrate well into social groups.

Meanwhile, Ukranian mob dude is finding out that Louis Green was not to blame for Viktor’s death, but that Dexter is the owner of the boat sitting at the marina where the body was dumped. He decides to get Miami Metro off the strip club’s back (no pun intended) by having the bar tender from the Ukraine take the fall. He makes the dude shoot himself in the head and ties all the murders up into a cute little package. Batista is not buying it and keeps hassling Quinn to further investigate the situation.

Isaac goes back to Viktor’s closed off apartment and finds a picture frame of Greece, revealing that the reason he is so passionate about bringing Dexter to justice is because he loved Viktor dearly and that they were in a relationship. Okay cool, we’ll take the bait. But honestly, these shitty side plots are almost excruciating to watch at this point. Even Chuck star Yvonne Strahovski isn’t really interesting to me. But I guess anything is better than what we dealt with last season.

Dex goes after Speltzer but it all goes bad and he ends up in his human sized rat maze getting chased down with an ax and bullhorns. Luckily, Dex makes it out and catches Speltzer later on, tantalizing and teasing him before sending him to the incinerator at the crematorium. He also places his latest box of DNA slides on Spelter’s chest, signifying that he too needs to let go of certain things and move on.

He calls Deb to pick him up and confesses that he has killed Speltzer. Deb is actually happy about it and asks what that makes her. Dexter replies by telling her that she is human. One fantastic spin this season is that now Deb, a real person, can talk Dexter through these kills instead of ghost dad or ghost brother (who should have stayed around much longer last season). At the very least, it is pretty cool to watch Deb react to this cluster cuss. It is not cool to see that she is dreaming about Dexter in a possibly romantic way. Please don’t go there writers!