‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Ricochet Rabbit’ [SPOILERS]

Now that viewers have gotten over the ridiculous ‘plot twist’ from last week’s episode of ‘Dexter’ we can finally attempt to focus on what writers are trying to throw at us. Colin Hanks is a leering, creepy, scary killer who is hallucinating and gathering followers into his herd. It’s yet another pile of randomness that they’ve thrown our way, but really we have no choice at this point.

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Dexter realizes that Travis stabbed Geller with the Revelations sword in the abdomen. This is the same method used to kill the previous ‘Doomsday’ victims. He also notices that Travis still thinks that Geller is alive and guiding him to find more victims. It’s hard to say which situation was more awkward to witness, the dialogue with Travis and invisible Geller or the usual banter of Dexter and invisible ghost dad Harry. By some feat of amazing strength, Dexter busts through the basement padlocked doors to escape from the abandoned church.

Deb and the crew find the church and she becomes light headed just being near the crime scene. When she talks to Dexter about her episode, he tells her that his own anxiety attack came from a memory of his mother dying. Deb traces her reasoning to churches always being associated with funerals and death. Thank God Deb has a therapist this season because no one wants to listen to this crap.

Luis is dating Batista’s sister and wants to run his video game idea by Dexter. It is a game about becoming a killer and choosing which type of homicide one will commit. Dexter is appalled. If the writer’s were alluding to anything murder related in Luis direction it’s not going to correlate well. Luis obtaining the ‘Ice Truck’ killer’s manikin hand may have been a ruse to throw off the audience. After the whole Jonah incident, the Brother Sam debacle, Dexter’s soul searching and his ghost brother Brian showing up and then disappearing, Luis is just another drop in the bucket of nonsensical crime scene blood.

Quinn is still a drunken douche bag who bangs loads of chicks and falls asleep at his desk. Batista is still annoyed. La Guerta is still on Deb’s case about her investigation of that prostitute’s overdose. Deb decides to do some heavy duty research and call the floral shop, something that takes all of about ten seconds and she traces it back to Deputy Chief Matthews.

Dexter posts on Geller’s blog to get Travis’ attention. He knows that Travis will go find the girl he let go before and make sure to kill her this time around. Dexter finds her on a boyfriend’s yacht, but he is too late. Travis has already recruited a couple of religious fanatics from the Geller blog and they attack the girl before slitting her throat. Dexter finds the new accomplice preparing the ‘Wormwood’ scenario on the yacht and Travis is no where to be found.

Things that have made this season great or could have made this season great have been thrown to the wayside. Dexter’s search throughout his existential crises and continual contemplation about his duties as a father have disappeared. Mos Def’s character was killed off way too early and now we are stuck with Colin Hanks attempting to put on his ‘doom & gloom’ face. The promo for the last two episodes looked somewhat promising. Let’s hope that it isn’t just a figment of our imaginations like Geller was for Travis.