‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Once Upon A Time’

Although this season may have gotten off to a rocky start the newest episode of ‘Dexter’ featured Mos Def and he couldn’t have stepped in at a better time.

“Monsters don’t get to live happily ever after,” said Michael C. Hall as ‘Dexter’.

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Dexter is worried about Harrison’s future and Harrison is being dubbed by a fake baby voice. Still, the idea of his future is compelling. Now that this kid recognizes his father as a killer will he join the ranks or think him a monster? Dexter doesn’t seem quite sure on what he outcome he wants more.

Deb is the worst person to ever be proposed to. Has anyone seen Quinn’s tight ass? I don’t understand the problem. He is hot, he is into Deb’s weird quarks, but she isn’t into marriage. Yet, she is totally cool with taking on the complete shit storm of being Lieutenant to the craziest police department ever. Dexter wants to kill Quinn, but really who doesn’t Dexter want to kill?

Colin Hanks is still putting on a weird performance, but it’s coming along better this episode than the first. I just can’t take him seriously. Hopefully, his range evolves over the course of this season because I’m just not feeling it. He doesn’t scream genuine creepy killer to me.

Mos Def looks and plays the role of ‘Brother Sam’ well. Not only is he convincing, but the underlying tension of his character is believable. He also seems to pair well with Michael C. Hall, who’d better be putting in one amazing performance every episode, seeing as he is still negotiating his salary for next season.

It was nice to see Angel Batista is the one true cop who hasn’t gone sour. His approval of Deb’s promotion was needed and appreciated, as well as his ripping La Guerta a new asshole. She is so shady! Masuka is still doing what he does best, staring inappropriately at boobs and butts. I’m waiting for some great one liners from him.

I have to hand it to Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C Hall for some killer execution of drama onscreen. Their recent divorce hasn’t prevented them from doing some great acting together even though it’s relationship oriented. Kudos to them and their professionalism.

This episode is better than the last and thank God for that. Now that the writers have introduced the story arc to us things should get better. But in the meantime Michael C. Hall can just take off his shirt in a few scenes and all is well.