‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Nebraska’

Finally after several episodes of hit and missShowtime’s ‘Dexter’ has found it’s stride once again. The reintroduction of Dexter’s murderous biological brother Brian means more of the clever and witty dark humor that we all know and love.

“You don’t turn the other cheek, you slice it.” – Brian Moser, played by Christian Camargo.

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‘Trinity’ is killing again, which is especially odd because Dexter ‘took care’ of him with his bare hands. Brian the ‘Ghost Brother’ notes that the only explanation for the murders is Trinity’s son Jonah who has taken his place. Ghost Brother suggests they track him down and punish him in Nebraska. Queue best road trip of all time.

Ghost Brother has Dexter screwing hot gas station attendants, stealing unregistered firearms, listening to ‘Iggy and the Stooges’ and target practicing at 70 mph. ‘A twister would do this town a favor.’

Dexter now has the burden of both an angel and a devil on his shoulder. They represent his two different families, his two different sides. At least Ghost Brother is more interesting than Ghost Dad. He is more funny, more clever and deliciously dangerous. Dexter worries that Harrison will take the road that Trinity’s son Jonah has taken into serial killing.

Travis seems relatively normal outside of his creepy torturous hobbies. He tries to maintain a relationship with his sister, but Professor Geller shows up to his house to give him an ultimatum. Travis tries to make amends while Geller cuts an alligator’s intestines out, like a boss.

Until this little detour of yours is over, I will carry on his work for the both of us.’

Apparently, Dexter’s nanny aka Batista’s hot scantily clad little sister is writing a dissertation and getting her PHD. That is the funniest thing the writers have thrown at us yet. In a later scene she is brainlessly complimenting Masuka’s intern for creating a second life image of her father. Great writing guys.

Deb and LaGuerta attend a compstat meeting together in which she must relay her latest success numbers. LaGuerta burns Deb in front of her colleagues for the ‘Doomsday Killings’ because well, La Guerta is a giant bee-otch. Later on, Quinn and Deb have a heart to heart. She finally admits that she cares for him, but they both agree that her new position as lieutenant means that things officially over.

Batista tracks down Holly, the victim who Travis let escape. She tells him that Geller forced her to drink cold blood. The department makes the connection that Travis is Geller’s student and that they need to sort through 2400 past students in order to track him down.

‘I would kill myself but it would add to my murder total for the month,’ says Deb.

Dexter and Ghost Bro head to the mid-west where no one locks their doors. Dexter discovers enough evidence to prove Jonah killed his mother, but his investigation is cut short when Jonah comes home. Jonah escapes, screeching out of the driveway and Dexter waves at the neighbor in a cheerful way. It’s moments like these that make Dexter great and it’s taken too long for the show to remember this.

Norm attempts a showdown with Dexter, black mailing him with his knives. He is not the most intelligent hotel manager in history. Dexter dumps Norm’s body in the granary making viewers question the amount of corn in all our food products.

Brian asks Dexter why he wakes his victims up before killing them. Dexter explains that he wants to make sure that they know what they’ve done, but Brian points out that the killer in him enjoys watching the light go out of their eyes.

This scene Brian and Dexter stand in front of a farm house print poster on the wall while Dexter holds a pitch fork. The pop culture references are fantastic this episode.

When Dexter finds Jonah and questions him about the murders of his mother and sister, Jonah confesses that his sister killed herself, which threw him into a rage. Dexter recognizes his son Harrison in Jonah and decides to set him free. Brian isn’t happy with this decision.

‘Uh oh, Biney’s mad.’

As our favorite serial killer drives back to Florida, he finds Ghost Dad on the side of the road and surprisingly we are all happy see him. Now that audiences know that Brian may come out at any time the thrill behind Dexter’s psychological struggle becomes even more exciting.