‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Monkey In A Box’

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Now that Dr. Vogel is long gone Dexter has to make a mad dash to get rid of his connection to her.

In the latest episode of Showtime’s Dexter, he makes sure to delete all the files on her computer of her journals and interactions with him. He also steals all the video footage she has from working with Dexter’s father when he was young.

He reports the murder, claiming to have found her right before she passed away and attempted to stop the bleeding. We won’t mention the implications Dexter would have in real life if he were to be connected to the scene of a crime like that, but let’s just say that he wouldn’t walk away so easily with no questions asked.

Dexter finds an abandoned hospital through his research that he is positive to be Saxon’s kill site. Saxon comes into the station to clear his name of any connection with Cassie’s murder, even giving a DNA swab. This will show him as the son of Vogel and make him a prime suspect in her murder. Deb is positive about this and hopes it will prevent Dexter from fixating on killing Saxon himself.

When Dexter goes to the abandoned hospital he finds Saxon’s laptop super easily of course and it has all the video files of each of his Miami kills. Because Dexter is selling his apartment so he can leave Miami with Hannah and Harrison, Saxon puts an offer on the place and tells Dexter to leave him alone or face the consequences of having someone he cares about murdered. Dexter responds by submitting video footage of Saxon’s murders to the local news stations.

Everything is shaping up nicely. Deb found her old engagement ring in Quinn’s desk and seems happy about it. Dexter is selling his crib, his boat, and giving his SUV to Astor whom I’m sure wouldn’t be comfortable knowing just how many dead bodies have taken rides in the back seat, but whatever. Deb is sad that Dex is leaving, but plans on visiting him and has Quinn to be there for her now. (Her emotional stability has changed drastically from the beginning of this season until now, also very realistic . . . NOT)

The only problem of course is that Elway and the Marshall are on Hannah’s tail. They realize that Hannah is staying with Deb after she takes Harrison to the urgent care clinic and signs in with Debra’s name. They search Deb’s place after Hannah relocates to a hotel, but find computer searches for flights out of Miami leading them to keep an eye on a specific airline. Elway is the most random character who seemed to have a thing for Deb but doesn’t now and is searching for Hannah for a huge reward.

When Dex lets Deb know that Saxon will probably be on his way to Dexter’s apartment after seeing the local news footage of his murders, she decides to stay behind and help her brother catch the bastard. After Saxon breaks in and is roofied by Dexter, she leaves the scene. Dex takes him to the abandoned hospital and realizes that he doesn’t have any desire to kill him. For once in his life he prefers the safety of his family. He calls Deb and has her meet him there, instructing her to get Miami Metro over to the site pronto.

But Clayton the Marshall has been following Deb in search for Hannah and finds the hospital site. He walks in to see Saxon tied up while Deb is out of the room and because he is so dense that he doesn’t watch any television or keep up on local news, he lets a high profile serial killer go. Saxon stabs him and Deb shoots at Saxon, but is shot herself. Dexter thought he was going to have a smooth trip away from the states, but it looks like he has one last cluster cuss of a mess to clean up before this series ends.