‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Just Let Go’

In the latest installment of Showtime’s ‘Dexter’, the title character is faced with some hard decision as his new friend and mentor Brother Sam is shot down in his own auto body shop. The entire cast of characters seemed to deal with hang ups and issues eating at them. What happens in the end is an unexpected and startling revelation for ‘Dexter Morgan’.

“I know about your darkness but I also see your light…Can’t live with the hate in your heart, eating you up inside. We gotta find some peace in life,” said ‘Brother Sam’ played by Mos Def.

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Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is finally spilling the beans about her mental breakdown. She tells the police department therapist her fears. She can’t talk to Quinn because he is becoming one desperately sad succubus. She can’t talk to Batista because she ousted him from his job. Dexter is her closest ally but things are awkward now because she is his new boss. “For a shrink you’re not that annoying.” The conclusion of the conversation is that Deb should throw a house party, which ends up being a major disaster.

“Why is it so hard for you to admit, you care about brother Sam?” asks Dexter’s ghost Dad. Dexter always seems to be struggling with this idea that he can overcome his instincts to murder, but the truth is that it’s been a part of him for so long that he knows no other way of surviving. Brother Sam puts him to the ultimate test.

Leo is his first suspect and is killed, but Dexter is not satisfied. He suspects Nick as the shooter for Brother Sam and goes to his apartment. He discovers a 9mm bullet in the wall which matches the threading from Sam’s shooting. Mike Anderson works on the case and further confirms Dexter’s suspicians that Nick the baptized deciple is guilty.

Meanwhile, Travis (Colin Hanks) is giving blood using a candle and a jar. An archaic murder tactic call for archaic blood letting. And also, he is storing it in the friedge with his bologna and white bread. It’s these little details that give the right amount of creeps to viewers. They are subtle yet disturbing. Travis visists his sister the school teacher and his interaction with the children has him second guessing his killing of Professor Geller’s latest victim. He ends up setting her free. The reprecussions of something like that could really be a significant sacrifice for him. He will be dead by Geller or by suicide in no time.

Batista finds a photo of Professor Porter naked on campus with a sheep’s head over her face. This does not bode well for her innocense or lack of involvement with Geller’s twisted executions. Deb notices during the interrogation that Quinn has had a sexual relationship with Porter and instead of admitting she might be jealous, she explains to him how stupid it was for him to sleep with a person of interest.

Dexter visits Brother Sam in the hospital and tells him he knows the truth about Nick. He asks Dexter to deliver a message of forgiveness to his shooter. Mos Def has given us an awesome performance this season and it’s an absolute shame that his character has been killed off. Not only has he been giving a master acting course, but he has single handedly saved the plotline for the current show. Tip of the cap to you sir.

The nanny and Deb have a talk at her house warming party. Luis starts to hit on the nanny and talk about Dexter. Then Quinn shows up totally wasted and acts embarassingly hilarious with a chick from the bar. Classic. His pick up lines are the absolute best. “I’m sorry but you must be like a model right? Because there is no other explanation.  I can’t help it she has an outrageous ass! I want to have a relationship with it. I want to make babies with it.”

After talking dirty to Batista’s little sister and getting punched in the face he begs Deb to tell him whether she ever loved him. She is speechless. While Deb deals with her hang ups about becoming Luitenent, Quinn cannot let go of her. It’s tragically romantic.

Now that Brother Sam is dead Dexter is forced to forgive his killer. Nick, like a complete and  total idiot starts laughing about the possibility of getting away with the crime. That’s precisely all it takes for Dexter to throw him into the ocean and drowns the bastard. Only this time, instead of Ghost Dad appearing to scold Dexter for his sins, new and improved ghost brother Brian Moser shows up to cheer him on. Brian seems like a new permanant fixture, solidifying the angel and the devil on Dexter’s shoulders. Hopefully Dexter can choose Harry over Brian, but it’s not looking to be a likely choice for the ‘Dark Avenger’.