‘Dexter’ Recap: In The Beginning

November 30th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Dexter Morgan is a serial killer. Let’s face facts. Although he tries to overcome it, hide it, lie about it and avoid telling anyone, its the truth.

Lumen has now reached the ranks of killer. Yet, unlike Miguel, she does this out of a sense of true justice and not just because she is bat shit crazy.

I’m going there. Rita was too innocent, an almost a static character that we kind of dealt with because she was sweet and also because we hoped Dexter would eventually divulge himself to her.

Lila was a crazy bitch. Using her knowledge of Dexter’s dark side to manipulate him and try to control.

That is where Lumen comes in. You know a dude really has a thing for someone if he buys her matching leather gloves that are just her size! Now that’s romance! Although the weird ass look on his face was almost boyish and creepy.

Speaking of crazy bitches, we haven’t talked about Jordan Chase’s first victim or rather, Eugene’s first victim. Apparently, they have some odd sort of S&M relationship happening that all of us are really confused by.

Cole Harmon, dead. Boyd Fowler, dead. Little kid dentist, dead. Red headed Alex, dead. Now for the fat kid from camp…

One thing I don’t get is how Deb has suddenly caught onto the shit Dexter and Lumen are up to. Its taken the cops 5 seasons to pull their heads out of their asses.

Quinn is in a cluster cuss. He is going to be blamed, if not killed by Dexter once its found out that his name borrowed some cameras and recording devices.

But the biggest WTF? OMFG! moment was at the very end, when Lumen and Dexter connected in a way we have never witnessed from our lovable serial killer. Lumen now knows everything about Dexter, including the biblical sense.

Lumen is one lucky little skeeze. Just when you thought stripping down that body with those abs has never been more satisfying, those two love birds stared into one another’s eyes for the rest of the night.

True love is real, even for vigilante murderers.

By Chelsi Archibald

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