‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Goodbye Miami’

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Now that Dr. Evelyn Vogel has completely lost her mind, things get even more crazy on the latest episode of Showtime’s Dexter.

Vogel and her serial killer son Oliver Saxon had breakfast together. She offered to help him and to rehabilitate him in the best hospitals, but the dude isn’t down for it since he was locked in a hospital his entire life after offing his baby brother.

Dexter broke the huge news to Deb that he will be taking Harrison and moving with Hannah to Argentina. She tells him that it’s a pretty selfish decision and viewers agree. It also makes no sense in terms of the entire arch of the series plot line. But whatever. The writers are just trying to get this thing finished now.

Vogel met with Matthews who is looking for Zach and knew he was one of her clients. Even though she knows the kid is dead as a doornail she doesn’t say anything to Matthews. She later meets up with Oliver in his kill room and he agrees to have her help him if she teaches him the same code she taught Dexter. Vogel tells Dex this info and he shows her a video of Saxon killing Zach which disturbs her enough to agree to meet with her son in a public place so Dexter can get him.

Dexter gives Angel his two weeks while Deb comes in later to find out that Jamie dumped Quinn. She tracks him down and they admit they have feelings for one another and kiss passionately. I’m assuming the writers are trying to soften the blow for Deb of her brother leaving by giving her some happiness. Never mind the fact that she once thought she loved her own adopted brother in a very creepy way, but somehow those feelings dissipated. Thanks for throwing out that curve ball you weirdo writers.

Clayton the Marshall decides to stop looking for Hannah McKay until he finds out that Dexter is leaving the country and has quit his job. Now he thinks Dexter might be up to something with Hannah. Harrison gets on Auntie Deb’s treadmill and hurts himself so Hannah has to take him to the clinic where she is recognized by a staff member.

Dexter needs to kill Saxon before he can leave the country so he sets up the kill room with his good old ghost dad. However, Vogel calls him and lets him know that Saxon is coming to her house and not to a public place like they agreed upon. He wants to stay with Hannah because she has been spotted and may be compromised, but decides to go save Vogel. However, he is too late and as he approaches her house Saxon stands behind her in the window and slits her throat. Dexter has now lost his spiritual mother at the close of his story which mirrors the loss of his biological mother and the start of his journey.

By Chelsi Archibald

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