‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Get Geller’

In the latest episode of Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ the writers decided to take it easy and give their loyal viewers a wonderfully ridiculous plot hole. If you’ve enjoyed watching ‘Dexter’ in the past and are lucky enough not to have been watching this season than I commend you. With all the terrible events that went down, it makes you wonder if Michael C. Hall’s contract negotiation had anything to do with this blunder.

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Dexter frees Travis from his chains and they try to look for clues on Geller’s next victim. Dexter thinks that Geller is tracking a Professor Casey as his next victim and takes his new side kick to save the day.

Oddly enough, Dexter gets trapped in an elevator shaft and misses Geller. Travis saves him in the nick of time. This pattern would be questionable if it hadn’t only occurred this episode alone. Before now Geller has been prominent in the series and thus no one has thought that the writers would take such lazy approach, but I digress.

Deb is sad and whining now that she has a therapist. When she goes over her relationship with Lundy, his subsequent shooting and then her engagement to Rudy/Brian who was a serial killer, we all realize that Deb should never whine to anyone.

Quinn loses his phone after he bones an old lady. He and Batista get in some kind of squabble then they beat the crap out of one another. This was the only comic relief this episode.

The crew finds Casey’s body and a hole in his chest. Then they get splattered with bucket’s of blood like Sissy Spacek. This propels Deb to be even more annoying during her therapy.

La Guerta is still trying to cover Chief Matthews tracks since he let that hooker over dose and die. Deb attempts to reopen the case but La Guerta advises her to leave it alone. I suppose the one other redeeming thing about this season other than Brother Sam is that La Guerta is never around anymore.

Luis the intern is into Batista’s sister Jamie. He also ‘fixed’ the ‘Ice Truck Killer’ online sale of evidence that Masuka’s last assistant screwed up. He has the fake hand in his possession and is banging Jamie. Naturally, at this point I thought that Luis was in on the whole Geller murders and that the next victim would be Jamie. However, my prediction was even less terrible than the actual outcome.

After Travis finds Casey’s missing hand in his bathroom sink and blood on his wall, he and Dexter meet up at the church to find Geller. When Dexter arrives Travis is out cold and he is drawn to the cupboard under the alter which leads to a basement. Dexter, the intelligent, witty, level headed serial killer goes down the stairs.

He then finds a freezer containing Geller’s body. You may or may not be thinking that Geller was recently murdered by Travis in revenge for the death of his sister, but no. It gets worse. Travis has been keeping Geller’s body from the beginning, as in he actually never existed. Travis has been thinking Geller is alive and guiding him to find his ‘whores’ to murder, including his sister.

Writers did not choose the twelve or thirteen different roads they presented viewers this season, i.e. Jonah becoming the new Trinity killer, Brother Sam possibly being a serial killer, Brian the Ghost Brother over taking Dexter’s psyche, etc.

Instead, they threw in the most boring, ridiculous plot hole in the history of Dexter. Yes, worse than Miguel and Lila combined. It’s truly a bummer because I wanted to give Colin Hanks the benefit of the doubt, but that’s completely impossible now. Where is Mos Def when we need him?