‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Every Silver Lining’

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Now that we’ve been reintroduced to the lives of Dexter Morgan and his sister Debra, things are getting even more complicated than ever before on this season of Showtime’s Dexter. Dr. Evelyn Vogel is onto Dexter now, showing him his very own murderous drawings from his childhood and letting him know that she cannot be killed because she doesn’t meet Harry’s code.

She then slams him with another bit of news by showing him video footage from the eighties of his father Harry in one-on-one sessions with Dr. Vogel discussing his serial killer son’s tendencies. It turns out that Vogel helped Harry write the code for little Dexter and had been guiding him in dealing with his son all along.

She needs a favor. The killer who is cutting victims brains out around Miami is sending parts of those brains to her and she suspects it is a former patient of hers. She wants Dexter to find the person and kill them. Dexter asks what’s in it for him and she gives him more DVDs with footage of Harry talking about his son. Dexter can’t get enough of the nostalgia.

In the meantime, Debra is still getting grief from her investigator boss about her time with the jewel thief Briggs. She has a key to a storage unit and let’s boss man know she is on the case. She finds the jewels in the storage locker, but is found by El Sapo, a hit man for the mob. He beats her senseless and flees the scene. But later on he winds up dead. Dexter surveys the crime scene and realizes that Deb’s blood is in the car where El Sapo was found, along with her gun.

Quinn brings Deb in for questioning to get a handle on who the killer of El Sapo might be, but Dex steps in just in time to save Deb from being charged with murder. She admits to killing El Sapo and asks Dexter to switch out the evidence which would implicate her involvement. Dexter reluctantly does what she asks. The thing audiences may miss was Deb’s boss Elway and the magic “electrolyte enhancing “drink he gave her prior to her meeting with El Sapo, as well as Deb’s roofie-like blurred memory of the evening’s events. Hmmm . . .

Miami Metro finds yet another body with the brain partially cut out and Vogel confirms to Dex that the missing piece was sent to her via mail. Dexter runs prints on the murder weapon, a plastic bag, and finds a man named Sussman. He investigates his house, but the man is no where to be found. So Dexter goes to his cabin where he finds the dude dead.

Vogel calls Dexter because her house looks broken into as the front door is left open when she comes home. Dexter searches the house and finds no one, but the burglar left Vogel a new DVD on her computer. It’s footage of Sussman getting shot in the head after he killed the victim with the plastic bag.

Dexter is now questioning his logic as he was certain it was Sussman. Michael C. Hall threw in some pretty decent acting her as the serial killer reflecting inwardly, but it doesn’t add up when you take into account the entire series and the many mistakes or marks against the code he has committed. Either way, Vogel is embracing him as a mother would and he is responding to her attention. Can Vogel be trusted or is there an anterior motive to her methods?