‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Do You See What I See?’

Dexter Season Six
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Last week on Dexter met the father of his new girlfriend Hannah and even though it proved stressful, our favorite serial killer took care of it. Now he is thinking about his future and whether or not Hannah will take part. On this episode of Showtime’s Dexter, he imagines himself around 50-years-old and sees a teenage Harrison off to school. But something isn’t quite right and Dexter knows this. The nagging feeling that Hannah can’t be trusted still lingers in the background.

Deb isn’t giving up on proving Hannah’s dirty deeds. Last week she received a tip rom Hannah’s father about Arlene Shram, a girl Hannah roomed in a halfway house with and who may have witnessed her poison one of the counselors who worked there. Batista is nervous about investigating Dexter’s boyfriend and asks Deb if they should let her brother know what they’re up to. She tells him that she has everything under control. But Dex has even bigger problems . . .

LaGuerta is not giving up on pinning him as the Bay Harbor Butcher and Dexter decides to meet with Matthews in order to clear things up. Matthews tells him that LaGuerta is dead set on proving Dexter as a serial killer and clearing Doakes name, but also lets him know that he doesn’t buy into her theory. He tells Dex about the cabin’s connection to Dexter’s mother and her killers. Dexter responds by telling Matthews that Doakes had a boat and asks Matthews to look into it.

With the help of Deb, Dexter finds a boat that fits Doakes personality and style, then plants the keys in a tackle box inside the cabin where Doakes died. When Matthews and LaGuerta go to the boat garage, they find tarps, plastic bags, and a set of stainless steal knives that have Doakes finger print on them. How Deb and Dex managed to plant Doakes prints is beyond my crime investigative knowledge. LaGuerta still doesn’t believe this and refuses to give up.

Deb then goes to visit Hannah’s friend Arlene, who seems to be somewhat of a terrible mother. She is an ex-drug addict and has already lost custody of her children a few times prior. Deb threatens to take her children again if she doesn’t comply and testify against Hannah. Arlene is paranoid and says she’ll think it over. After Deb leaves, Arlene meets with Hannah and let’s her know what’s up. Apparently, the counselor that Hannah poisoned was abusing both of the girls behind the scenes.

Hannah is so irate that Deb is still on her tail that she meets Dexter’s sister at her beach house. Deb is a nervous wreck these days and is taking anti-anxiety meds often. Hannah says she wants to patch things up and get along with Deb, but this sister tells her to shove it. Deb will be happy with Hannah after she is behind bars.

Dexter goes back to meet with Matthews again and give him a holiday gift of whiskey bourbon. Matthews tells him that his name is now clear and LaGuerta should be leaving him alone. Dexter also received a phone call that Hector Estrada is out on parole and Dex decides that this dude will be his next victim.

After capturing him and threatening him with a chainsaw, Estrada asks him if he is working with LaGuerta who apparently helped give him the go to be released from prison early. Dexter realizes that Estrada’s release is a set up and that LaGuerta and her team have followed him to the shipping yard where he has set up his kill zone. He tries to escape with Estrada in hand, but the dude jumps into the ocean and swims away.

Deb also gets into a car accident. The doctors find a large dosage of anti-anxiety meds in her system and she assumes that Hannah poisoned her. Dexter doesn’t believe Deb, but decides to investigate. At Deb’s house he finds a blonde hair and inside her car he finds a water bottle. Dexter has it tested and realizes that Hannah did in fact try to kill Deb. The bottle’s contents were over 40% anti-anxiety meds. Astounded at McKay’s betrayal, he gives Deb the pen that Hannah used to poison Sal Price. Deb arrests Hannah and Dexter says goodbye. As she is leaving Hannah says, “You should have killed me.”