‘Dexter’ Recap: Circle Us

Dexter is sharing his dirty secrets again with an apprentice, but even more surprising is that he is sharing his heart again.

Lumen is the perfect partner in that she is a good person, which allows Dexter to trust her and feel good about their relationship. She may be psychologically unstable in many ways, but she is giving him focus and female companionship.

Let’s face facts, Dexter would be the most polite perfect boyfriend ever if he didn’t also happen to be a serial killer. I mean honestly!

Sadly, we find out that his prom experience was nothing more than an awkward handshake. His date probably thought she was getting short changed, but at least she made it out alive.

“That’s either a saint or the most boring action figure I’ve ever seen.”

Dexter’s penchant for being logical, rational and ungodly is finally coming to a close when he sees that life does go on after tragedy. Perhaps, Rita was the only thing it would take to shake him from the pits of hell and embrace his better half. Taking care of Lumen may still entail murdering people, but at least it’s something he is doing to help another person and not just to satisfy his own needs. And he has Harrison, who not only needs him as a father, but now as a possible mentor in the vocation of killing. Although we all hope that this baby isn’t screwed up, its highly unlikely the writer’s won’t continue throwing it in our faces from time to time.

Its so anti-social and serial killer-esque to only watch the weather channel, a dead give away in my book.

La Guerta & Bautista suck at being married, and stake outs and taking criticism from authority. Sorry, but somebody had to say it. The honeymoon has been over for quite sometime and its not looking pretty for these two.

Dexter actually said a prayer to the saint, which essentially gave me the willies. He also introduced Harrison to Lumen, exposing his real life to her. This is interesting and exciting, but not nearly as much as a shirtless Dexter scene, which they did not include in this episode and/or any Masuka monologues. On the upside they did give us a one liner in the form of a brick and Deb’s ass. One can only hope for next week.