‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Chemistry’

Michael & Jennifer Together
The Former Spouses Spend Quality Time Together
In this week’s episode of Showtime’s Dexter, audiences were greeted with a second taste of the ever delicious sex between Michael C. Hall and co-star Yvonne Strahovski. Even though the sex is fabulous, it’s almost sickening at this point due to the fact that audiences have had a physical drought from Dexter since Lumen left the scene two seasons ago. Keep it in your pants bro!

Nonetheless, things are getting pretty insane now that Deb knows all of Dexter’s motives and it’s now working more against him than he could have ever predicted.

After Isaac finds out that Quinn has stolen the blood evidence connecting him to the death of three rival gang members, his lawyers demand to go over the evidence and prove to Miami Metro that they indeed have nothing on Isaac. LaGuerta and Deb are furious at this news and realize it must be one of their own.

Angel Batista immediately makes the connection that Quinn has been banging Nadia, a stripper working for Isaac’s people. Quinn adamantly denies that he would steal evidence and then storms into the strip club to demand that Nadia be set free. Unfortunately, they have him by the balls because they could kill Nadia at any moment and destroy Quinn’s police career once and for all if they revealed his tampering with evidence.

Meanwhile, Dexter and Hannah are attempting to avoid one another now that they’ve acknowledged they are both killers, but to no avail. Dexter mentions his prior relationships in that Rita was too innocent, Lila was too evil, Lumen needed him in order to heal her own wounds, while Hannah doesn’t give any shits about his killer status. In fact, she loves it and it only brings them closer together.

Sal Price has been hitting on Deb in an effort to glean information from her about Hannah McKay and Wayne Randall, but he also wants to tap that. He reveals to her that Hannah killed her former boss lady with the poisonous flower Aconitum and her former husband after he impregnated her. Deb immediately realizes that Dexter has fudged the blood report on the bodies Hannah helped Miami Metro retrieve from the beach. She approaches Dexter assuming he did this to allow Hannah the opportunity to die at his hand instead of by the terms of the law.

Sal Price then threatens Dexter after seeing he and Hannah together, telling him that he will reveal Dexter’s involvement if he doesn’t tell him all about Wayne Randall’s last words. Dexter uses this as a ploy to threaten Sal with a murder he wrote about years ago, one that he himself may have committed. Price then harasses Hannah after Dexter leaves and demands she tell him everything or else he will extort Dexter. She agrees and gives him a compellingly recorded interview in which she admits stabbing the wife of one of Wayne’s victims, the very victim which allowed Dexter to realize she was a killer.

Price then visits Dexter at home for his Wayne Randall info. When Dexter starts telling him that he knows Price was responsible for the murder of his former subject for true crime, Price stands up in protest angrily. However, he clutches his heart and falls over, slamming his head into the table. Dexter realizes that Hannah poisoned Price before he came to visit our favorite serial killer. He has Jamie call the police (who apparently cleans Dex’s house and does his laundry even though Harrison is out of the picture) and Deb arrives on the scene wherein she tells Dexter she knows Hannah committed the murder.

Deb also has Hannah’s dead husband’s remains unearthed so she can have them tested for poison. Unfortunately, Hannah was smart enough not to have her husband embalmed and most of his flesh and organs are completely decomposed, rendering an autopsy useless in finding any traces of poison. To top it all off, LaGuerta has records of anyone in Miami Metro who owns a boat near the bay harbor delivered to her office and realizes that Dexter’s name is on the list. Even though Deb told her to let the Bay Harbor murders go, LaGuerta is bound and determined to free Sergeant Doakes of his defamed status postmortem.

The next day, Deb has Hannah brought in for questioning and Hannah refuses to admit to anything, knowing full well that the small amount of poison she administered to Price from the tip of a pen will be undetectable in the autopsy reports. She does become upset at the mention of her unborn baby, which Deb implies she killed. Later on, she admits to Dexter that she miscarried the baby and killed her former husband when he asked her to abort the child. Deb calls Dex while he lays in bed with a sleeping Hannah and gives him a very interesting request, to do what he does best and kill Hannah. Deb realizes that Hannah will never be prosecuted for her crimes. Dexter sure has gotten himself into a pickle this time around.