‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Buck The System’

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In the latest episode of Showtime’s Dexter, our favorite serial killer is feeling like a lizard trapped in a cage. Dexter himself specified his brain as lizard-like to his sister Deb. He is fantasizing kills every which way and involving everyone from the post office worker to bald Masuka. After Deb gives him some space, he finds his next kill. But this time he decides to include Deb in the process, but she is not pleased.

Remember that pesky jerk Louis Green? Well Dexter is making his life a living hell. He sent the mannequin hand back to Miami Metro showing Louis as the buyer and the dude lost his job. Then he mailed a DVD of Louis cheating on Jamie with a hooker and she dumped him pronto. But without realizing it, Dexter made it even worse for Louis.

When he dumped the mobster who shot the Russian prostitute off his boat in the ocean, he didn’t know that the dude had a bracelet with a GPS microchip and it’s leading the bad guys to his boat harbor. Louis goes there to stir up trouble for Dex, but is found by Isaac and Louis takes a bullet to the head. So long Mr. Green.

Dexter tries to prove to Deb that his latest bad guy suspicion Ray Spietzer is up to no good, but she tells him to let the police system do its job. She tries to get a search warrant from LaGuerta, but of course she got a big fat no. Instead, Deb went to check out Ray’s house and finds him with his next victim. Ray kills the girl, but Dexter comes to the house in time to save Deb, but Spietzer gets away. Deb tells Dexter to move out and lets him know that she doesn’t agree with his methods, but understands that there is nothing she can do.

A new love interest may have been introduced for Dexter this season in the form of Chuck star Yvonne Strahovski, who plays Hannah the ex-girlfriend of Wayne-threw-himself-in-front-of-a-truck-Randall. She must have a thing for murderers because she was turning the flirt on when Dexter took her DNA sample in the greenhouse.