‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Argentina’ Gets Creepy With More Sibling Romance

Season 6, The Epic Finale
Dexter's Worst Secret Is Revealed To His Sister
In the latest episode of Showtime’s Dexter, things got pretty weird and pretty emotional. But oddly enough, this awkward sibling incestuous romance possibility still seems less annoying than Dexter’s romance with Hannah McKay. Even though the sex is hot and they relate on a serial killer level, Hannah is shady and Deb’s emotions are too sincere to ignore.

Hannah tells Dexter that he should use his same system of code in order to find Isaac’s weakness. Isaac tries to shoot Dex down in his favorite donut shop, which brothahs know is a bitch ass thing to do. Is there no decency left in gang life? On top of this mess, annoying Astor, prepubescent Cody, and long haired adorable Harrison are on the way to visit. The only person left to protect them outside of Dexter’s danger zone apartment is Deb and she isn’t pleased.

Meanwhile, Quinn is looking really creep these days and hopefully he is healthy, because he seems to get more and more frail and thin every episode. The owner of The Fox Hole recorded his conversation about tampering with Isaac’s blood evidence at Miami Metro. Now he is using that to make Quinn do whatever he asks, which includes turning a blind eye while they deliver large volumes of drugs outside the club. Quinn is a tool and has caught himself in yet another cluster cuss because he has the hots for Nadia, a Ukranian stripper. Remember when Quinn was almost married to Deb? What a disaster that would have been!

While Astor and Cody visit, Dex finds out that Astor is a pothead. This is no surprise considering her drunken rampage last season. Astor has become a static character whom we couldn’t give two shits about. At least Cody has some semblance of a personality. Either way, Deb and Dexter aren’t happy that Astor is smokin’ dope. They try to have a talk with her and both realize that they’re a bunch of hypocrites when it comes to doing the right thing.

Deb asked Dex to “Do what you do” by killing Hannah and he shut her down. He tried to turn the tables on her by letting her know that she will only implicate herself further and mess herself up psychologically if she starts requesting murders. And even though he has a point, it’s a total cop-out and both of them know it.

Deb isn’t satisfied and so she decides to visit Hannah herself, letting her know that she is in deep shit and Deb isn’t going to relent. Hannah recently found out that Deb is Dexter’s sister, which we can assume means that Deb will be somewhat safe from Hannah’s rage if Dexter doesn’t piss her off. Dexter also revealed to Hannah that he has a son and two step-children. This may not have been the most intelligent thing he’s ever done. Apparently, Dexter really is in love.

Then the weirdness reared its ugly head. Deb noticed when Dexter set his keys on her kitchen table that the key chain resembled Hannah’s, because the crazy murderer let Dex borrow her van to spy on Isaac. Deb immediately connects the dots and asks Dexter if he is boning Hannah. He admits that he has feeling for her. Deb freaks out and accidentally lets it slip that she is in love with her adopted brother. She tries to correct herself, but the damage is done and she also admits that she went to the church the night she caught her brother killing Travis in order to tell him that she loves him. Dexter is at a loss for words, making the situation worse.

The only reason why I’m able to give this side plot any credence is because watching the chemistry between Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall is mind blowing. Are we watching conversations that took place between them when they fell in love or when they decided to call it quits? Either way, Jennifer Carpenter’s emotional performance was heart wrenching and amazing.

Dexter and Isaac finally meet up at a gay bar where the Ukranian reveals that the reason he is so angry about Viktor’s death is because they were lovers. Dexter admits that even after killing Rita’s murderer, it didn’t heal the pain and he understands why Isaac will never stop trying to kill him. They come to an understanding and Isaac thanks him for killing the Koshka assassin that Dex bumped into at Isaac’s apartment, who most certainly would have killed him if Dex hadn’t intervened.

Now we’re at an impasse. Dex needs to choose between Deb and Hannah. And LaGuerta has finally connected Dexter to the bay harbor murders, even inspecting his boat aptly named, “Slice Of Life”. Who knows where this shit show will go from here?