Details From Brad Pitt’s Motorcycle Crash Confirm It Was Minor

As more information becomes available about Brad Pitt’s recent scuffle on his motorcycle, it’s starting to sound like everyone involved has a different story to tell.

E! News claims that Pitt’s mirror “nicked the mirror of an adjacent car and he lost balance on his bike.” Afterwards, the news outlet claims, it wouldn’t start and so his security team brought him and his bike home.

However, X17 and TMZ, have a more exciting story to tell, of Brad weaving in and out of traffic. X17 claims Brad was cut of by a paparazzo, while TMZ asserts it was a parked car he hit. RadarOnline is also going with the paparazzi angle, claiming that Brad was bumped from behind by a photog, but kept maintained a cool and collected attitude.

The most important thing is that Brad’s beautiful face has not been injured, I repeat, his FACE IS FINE.

Gallery Info: Brad Pitt
is spotted in Studio City on October 26, 2009