Details On Season 2 Of ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’

As Bravo’s most successful Housewives franchise, the ladies of Beverly Hills have a lot to live up to come season two.  Currently in production, the 90210 cast added Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville into the mix.  According to Radar Online, “Brandi is fighting with everyone on the show. Brandi makes Camille look like a saint.”  WHAT!?

“Bravo executives brought Brandi in to spice things up because they felt there wasn’t enough tension and it was very, very boring to watch. The executives were concerned that without Brandi, the ratings would suffer because there wasn’t enough drama. Well, casting Brandi is paying off, big time. Brandi is all drama, all the time.”

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Ugh, we were on Glanville’s side during the whole LeAnn Rimes Single White I-Stole-Your-Husband act, but we’re not up for getting to know a total bitch.  Glanville was spotted out with Lisa Vanderpump’s ex-barnicle houseguest Cedric Martinez in May, which can’t possibly sit well with LVP.

Word has it that Camille  was not pleased at how she was portrayed last season, so she’s working overtime to clean up her image.  Sources tell Radar that she and Kyle Richards are even getting along.

Guess who’s also getting a little lippy (figuratively)?  Taylor Armstrong.  She’s apparently undergone therapy and is suddenly confrontational.  She’s been fighting with – if you can believe it - Adrienne “Mama” Maloof.  Who the hell would fight with M. Maloof?   Don’t let the hair tinsel fool you.  Maloof is tough and well-respected by a lot of the viewers.

The second season of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills is set to air in October, and we can wait to see more of Lisa Vanderpump, who wined and dined Armstrong at Villa Blanca June 4th in Bev Hills.