‘Detail’ Article Almost Got Ashton Kutcher In Trouble

Ashton Kutcher’s gig as guest editor for Detail Magazine almost got him into major trouble. E! reported that the issue, which was labeled “The Social Issue”, profiled start-up Internet companies that Kutcher liked.  It was later revealed that the ‘Two And A Half Men’ star was an investor in most of the companies he listed in one article.  This led to the Federal Trade Commission’s assistant director of advertising practices, Richard Cleland to become suspicious since Kutcher had an “obligation to readers to fully disclose his ties to the companies.”

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How did Ashton avoid the Feds?  Turns out there was a small blurb about his investments in the introduction of the piece stating that he “puts his money where his mouth is, backing many of the companies he champions here.” He totally dodged a bullet. That one little statement saved Mr. Kutcher from a world a hell!  Now he can breath a sight of relief and concentrate on promoting his character in ‘Men’ looking like a well-dressed homeless man.  Man, I hope that new look is for the show! Lookin’ R-O-U-G-H!