Despite No Award, ‘Downton Abbey’ Star Joanne Froggatt Still Rules [PHOTOS]

'Downton Abbey'
The cast at the National Television Awards.
The 'Downton' Gals
Stars from the series at the BAFTA Awards.
Well done, Joanne Froggatt.  One is so pleased to see you looking radiant at last night’s Emmy Awards.

The Downton Abbey star and Emmy nominee wore a taupe Vivienne Westwood gown to the ceremony in downto(w)n Los Angeles.  The Americans are going batty with anticipation for season three’s premiere, which isn’t coming to PBS until January.  Meanwhile, the Brits have already gone through two episodes.

Damn you, international television rules!

TV Line spoke to Froggatt and co-star Michelle Dockery on the red carpet, who were both at the Emmys last year.

“I sent Jo a text saying congratulations we’ve done well, and she texted back, “Congratulations for what?'”  And so I called her and told her that she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.  That was my best moment, actually.”

See what else the ladies of Downton had to say after the jump.