‘Desperate Housewives’ Season 5 Finale Wedding Tease

It’s a toss-up who the blushing bride is going to be for the Desperate Housewives finale of Season 5. Scenes feature a mystery bride marrying character Mike Delaney in a church, her face concealed with a thick, white veil.

And to keep paparazzi and viewers guessing, Desperate Housewives stars Dana Delaney and Teri Hatcher were spotted on the set of the ABC series wearing wedding dresses. They posed next to one another for photos with big smiles on each of their faces.

Both their characters have a conceivable shot at getting hitched, with Teri’s Susan Mayer divorced from Mike, but still exhibiting a strong connection with him.

Meanwhile, Dana’s character Katherine Mayfair is Mike’s fiance and could also be making the trip down the aisle.

Gallery Info: Teri Hatcher
and Dana Delaney in wedding dresses on the set of Desperate Housewives.