‘Desperate Housewives’ At 2009 Paley Center Festival

Marc Cherry accompanied his favorite ladies out on the red carpet for the Desperate Housewives event 2009 Paley Center Festival.

It’s easy to forget just how statuesque the body belonging to the disembodied voice of Mary Alice Young is. Brenda Strong, the narrator of the ABC series towers over her costars in a flattering white dress. It’s a shame she doesn’t get more screen time because that one is stunning.

Teri Hatcher
and Dana Delaney each showed up in a splash of color with olive-skinned Hatcher in a turquoise sheath dress and Delaney accenting her auburn locks in a raspberry faux-wrap dress. “There’s a lot of naked people around me,” Hatcher told the crowd. “I saw Dana (Delaney’s) boob once,” she admitted, and earned herself a round of applause.

But it was native Texan Eva Longoria who kept it casual in a simple white button-up blouse, big waves and jeans. All she needs is big hair and earrings to feel dressed up.

Gallery Info: Eva Longoria Parker, Doug Savant, Neal McDonough, James Denton, Teri Hatcher, Marc Cherry, Brenda Strong, Kathryn Joosten and Kyle MacLachlan at the 2009 Paley Center Festival.