Derek Hough Shows Off His Muscles & Charitable Side At ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Rehearsal

Derek Hough's Pecs
Derek Hough shows off his fine form in Los Angeles.
Let’s all just take a moment and appreciate Derek Hough’s muscles.

Just look at the way they’re framed by his shirt, and the super manly way he’s holding that Subway bag. Alright Derek, I suppose that if you’re not going to be shirtless all the time–which you totally should be because I mean look!–showing off your muscles is a pretty good second option.

Here’s the thing guys, Derek is much more than just a fabulous pair of pecs. In fact, he’s kind of a sweetheart. Derek totally let his charitable side out yesterday when he dropped off a bag of snack and a giant jug of water for a homeless man. This is totally true!

In fact, you can check out some photos of it in the gallery. Derek is seeing carrying two bags as he makes his way over to the man who is asleep with his back to Derek. The uber hottie puts one down next to the man along with a gallon of water. Looks like the Thanksgiving charity is still in the air!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Derek and his muscles. And of course to check out charitable Derek. Which of the two do you find more impressive?