Derek Hough Show Off His Abs On ‘DWTS’ Set [PHOTOS]

Derek Hough's Pecs
Derek Hough shows off his fine form in Los Angeles.
Derek Hough gave his Dancing With The Stars co-stars a little show as he walked around the set shirtless yesterday (October 15, 2012).

Derek spoke to some female friends as he walked to his trailer ahead of rehearsals.

Hough is currently paired up with Shawn Johnson on the All-Stars version of the series. He’s vowed to help bring out Shawn’s sexy side on the show. 

“My goal when I first got Shawn as a partner was to take her from a young girl, sweet and innocent, to a mature woman – sexy,” Hough, 27, told reporters backstage after their performance. “And to get those comments from the judges … made me feel great.”

As for Johnson, 20 – who says she “felt good” completing the hot number – she explains to People why she kept things conservative on the show up until now.

“The first time around, being 17 and being younger, I was shy to everything that didn’t have to do with gymnastics,” she says. “I was like, ‘There’s no way you can get me to [dress sexy].’ [Derek]’s been trying to get this out of me since the season started.”

Hough says his partner’s costumes will get sexier as soon as “next week.” Johnson’s response? “Bring it on!”