Dennis Quaid Isn’t Buying It

Here’s Dennis Quaid post-baby OD scare. Some dumbass fed his twin newborns 1000 times the proper dose of a blood thinner called Heparin last year and almost killed them. He’s thanking all the
medical healthcare journalists for their articles that helped him during the crisis.

“I do have a greater appreciation of life in general,” said Quaid. He spoke at the Association of Health Care Journalists’s annual conference in Washington, D.C. yesterday.

“If they hadn’t made it, it really would have changed my life. But they did survive. So it changed my attitude.” he said.

Quaid, 53, and his wife Kimberly, 36, have filed a lawsuit against Heparin manufacturer Baxter Healthcare Corp. They are accusing the company of negligence due to their packaging adult and pediatric doses in similar-looking vials. State regulators fined Cedars-Sinai hospital $25,000 for the mistake.

Doesn’t he have a kid with Meg Ryan? Where’s he?

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Photos: WENN