Dennis Rodman Goes Tropical: Fashion Disaster

Lily's Fashion Disaster
Uh-oh! Guess she's not always the fairest of them all.
No. Just no. Everything about this look, no. Why, Dennis Rodman? Why?

I know that at this point I should be immune to the things Dennis Rodman does and wears, but when his outfit is so horrible it actually hurts my eyes, we’ve reached a point where he’s dire need of a fashion intervention.

The former basketball player and current BFF to North Korea hit the red carpet last night (May 19) at the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice finale wearing this. In addition to his piercings, purple eye shadow and fake lashes, Dennis sported the highest and blondest of mohawks  imaginable. 

And I cannot get over that jacket. It’s like if the ugliest Hawaiian shirt you’d ever seen turned into the ugliest, overly colorful jacket you’ve ever seen. And what is with all of those necklaces? You can’t actually be comfortable like this? Also, Dennis is 6’7″. Imagine that coming at you on the red carpet. He’s probably over 7 feet with that hair.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Dennis’ fashion disaster. Are you as offended by it as we are? Or you gonna let him pass cause he’s Dennis Rodman? Sound off in the comments!