Dennis Quaid’s “Greatest Mistake”

Dennis Quaid talked to Newsweek about an addiction to cocaine that almost ran his career into the ground.  Back when Quaid was a young up-and-comer, cocaine was as common as cocktails.  In fact, Quaid said that some movies had it built into the budget as “petty cash” because everyone on set was snorting lines.  The eighties!

Quaid’s story sounds exactly like those of child stars whose lives went to total sh__ due to a mixture of heavy drugs and “too much too soon.”  Quaid told Newsweek,

“Coming from where I came from—lower-middle-class life, from Houston into Hollywood—and all of a sudden this success starts happening to you, I just didn’t know how to handle that. Doing blow just contributed to me not being able to handle the fame, which, at the time, I guess I felt I didn’t deserve.”

It got to the point where a young Quaid realized he’d be dead in five years if he didn’t clean up his act.  The Soul Surfer star checked into rehab the next day, but beating the addiction and becoming an actual person took time.  Things didn’t turn around the moment he left treatment.  A bad movie here and a humbling experience there in the ’90s taught Quaid a lesson in living, giving him a “resolve and a resilience to persevere in life.”

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Now clean and sober, Quad is the proud papa of twins Thomas and Zoe with wife Kimberly.  He also a son Jack, 19, from his marriage to Meg Ryan.