Denise Richards Done On ‘Dancing’

March 25th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Her time on this season of reality television dance competition Dancing With the Stars has come to a close and Denise Richards was surprisingly composed backstage when the news broke. “For a minute, I thought we had a shot at staying,” Denise confessed to E! after she and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were booted after performing their samba.

“I’m really glad I got to do the dance over again and get better scores and a better reaction. It was better to go out on that note than last night,” Richards said after some reflection.

At least she’s earned herself a new fan. Lil’ Kim said of her competitor, “I’ve met a totally different person than what we read or see [in the media]. Sometimes that press bothers her–she talked to me [about it]. She’s really a sweet girl.” That’s nice of her to say, but I’ll stick with thinking she’s bat-shit crazy, thanks.

Gallery Info: Screengrabs from Denise Richards on Dancing With the Stars.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. emme

    Good riddance. Denise should NEVER be on a family show. She is a horrible media ho and a terrible role model. Not to mention the gurl has zero dancing talent and made a FOOL of herself.

  2. brunetteIQ

    Maybe Denise will finally get it. She was voted off because people don’t like her. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. She is mean spirited and dull. Maybe she’ll stop bashing Locklear and Sheen on her reality program. Stop swearing and stop using her kids as props. No ones buying what she has to sell. Good riddance is right, and I’m sure everyone on DWTS feels the same way.

  3. DLB

    How can you say these things about Denise when Holly is on DWTS? Let’s see a woman who has spent most of her reality show naked and trying to talk and old man into letting her get pregnant? Do you people really think she was in Love with Hef? She dumped him pretty fast when he said no marriage and no babies.” Then her younger boyfriend dumped her pretty fast. Was anyone impressed by her intelligence on her show?? If you are going to talk about lowlifes on that show don’t leave Holly out. I’d prefer Denise’s company over Holly’s.

  4. TheGirlSideofMe

    Criss Angel is a good 10+ years older than the lovely Miss Holly Madison,and SHE dumped HIM when she realized what a douchetool he is.

    Just a little fyi for ya, DLB.

    I’m just glad Maks and his ego are gone, hopefully his girlfriend and her snotty attitude are next.

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