Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Face Off

June 24th, 2006 // 11 Comments

According to TMZ, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards faced off for his deposition in their divorce case on Thursday.

I have no idea whose side I’m on. All I know is that I imagine that Denise’s contribution to the proceedings would be to point out how great she looks in a bikini after giving birth. I mean, that’s pretty compelling evidence.

Oh yeah, and by the way guys, your daughter’s totally going to have a healthy relationship with men. I totally doubt she’s going to have a string of failed relationships that can be directly attributed to this divorce. So, good luck with that.


By Miu von Furstenberg


  2. Randi

    Frankly, I wouldn’t be caught dead on EITHER team, but I think Charlie has more of a history of douchebag behaviour. You can’t say Denise didn’t have any idea what she was walking into — the dumbass. Team Douchebag or Team Dumbass, which side are you on?

  3. sally

    Who the hell writes this bog now? Because it sure isn’t “Mui” anymore.

  4. I used to be on Denise Richard’s side. She always seemed like she was so good with her kids. But no, she is so rarely seen with her kids and when she is, she looks completely bothered to have to deal with the kid. You know she just wants to staple herself to Samborra and leave the kids anywhere but within 50 feet of her. Sad. So Sad.
    Those kids don’t deserve that!

  5. GrammarPolice

    Plural re. the daughters, as there’s more than 1; should read:

    ..your daughters are totally going to have a healthy relationship with men… (NOT)

    Let’s hope Charlie gets custody after Denise’s recent shenanigans.

  6. Hanna

    Denise is always with her kids, she just had a few days holiday that’s all, lay off her for that.

    She always seems to be so completely involve with her kids, at the store buying them diapers and always prepared if they get hungry with little sandwiches in her bag and stuff….those are the actions of a real mother not some Hollywood fake. So what if she had a break with a guy that she really likes?

    I don’t see that her actions have been in any way bad at all really…

    Denise filed for divorce from Charlie a year ago.

    Heather filed for divorce in February

    Heather and Denise were no longer friends

    DEnise and Richie hook up

    Big deal, was Denise supposed to go out of her way to inform Heather about what was happening with Richie if they weren’t even TALKING?!! No way. And I can guarantee that Heather didn’t inform Richie about David Spade, this is the sae witch who couldn’t even be bothered to get a message to him that she had filed divorce papers.

    Seriously, Denise is just getting on with her life. Leave her be, her kids have a good mother who is ensuring that they are well taken care of….realistically, both these children are still in diapers so Charlie would have a hard time looking after them on his own anyway.

    I’m still completely on her side, and I hope she has found happiness with Richie. They both deserve it.

  7. blank

    Sally, you said what I’ve been thinking–who is writing this blog now? The commentary is so lame–very high-schoolish and not at all snappy or witty or dry or insightful. And yet, the typos continue!

  8. Draya

    Oops, it’s time to trot the kids out in front of the photogs, to show the world what a good mommy I am!

    Do I get half of Charlie’s pension now?

    Greedy wench.

  9. Toots

    Are dogs just simply NOT allowed to walk anymore?


  10. Midge

    That girl gots her some fugly feet!

  11. most likely

    It’s a puppy, a baby. Denise is probably trying to hurry to get to where she has to go and can’t wait, so she picked it up, along with her daughter. She also probably wants to get away from the photographer.

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