Denise Richards Is Dead To Heather Locklear

April 26th, 2006 // 31 Comments

I’m sure Charlie Sheen feels the same way. It’s never wise to hook up with one of your good friends ex-husbands, especially if it’s your best friend’s ex-husband. It’s kind of mistifying that Denise Richards is being so public about his whole knew romance just as her allegations against Charlie Sheen have been made public.

Denise Richards, 35, was spotted with best friend Heather Locklear‘s soon-to-be-ex husband Richie Sambora, 46, over the weekend of April 22 at a café in Westlake Village, Calif., kissing passionately multiple times on the patio of the restaurant! Plus, the couple — whose relationship kicked off in March, Star has exclusively learned — was spotted strolling hand-in-hand outside the eatery!

Not surprisingly, the affair does not please Locklear, who views it as betrayal. In fact, when Denise went with a friend to a Bon Jovi (featuring Sambora) concert and after-party on March 3 in L.A., a source tells Star: “Heather went crazy when she learned her best friend had gone to the party. She told Denise she was a traitor who had betrayed their friendship.” She reportedly even went so far as to ask if Richards and Sambora were having an affair, and Denise — who hadn’t slept with him yet — was too stunned to answer, prompting Locklear to proclaim, according to a source, “Well, I think you’ve answered the question. I never want to see you again. You no longer exist to me. It’s like you’ve died.”

Heather Tells Denise, You’re Dead To Me [Star Magazine]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ohpleaze

    Heather, run and don’t look back!

  2. Mon

    Damn it, why do women keep doing this to each other! This is the biggest no-no in friendship law EVER!

  3. DuhWhatever

    Richie will now have to start monitoring himself for aids………

  4. Kris

    I still think Heather could have been in on the Denise/Richie photo’s. It would be just like her to dream up a prank like that.
    And if *this* rumor is true, so what. She dumped Richie and leaked the details to the media.
    ALL these hollywood chicks are alike, ANY press is good press. Next thing we’ll hear is Denise is having Richie’s baby.

  5. Rumor

    I’m waiting for something more than “a friend said…” but if this is true, this is too low. People shouldn’t do evil for evil, and women are good for this. A woman’s husband can leave her for another woman, and then she’ll turn around go after another woman’s man. Horrible behavior. If you know how much you got hurt, why in the world would you want to cause another person that same pain? I’ll never understand that.

    Just like some people said about the Pitt/Aniston breakup, it takes two to tangle. Sambora is just as guilty. He is most likely trying to get back at Heather for seeking the divorce. This betrayal is the worst.

    I have been sticking up for Richards regarding her marriage, but if this is true, it shows me that she is lacking in character just like her soon-to-be ex-husband.

  6. Tommy Lee

    I’ve got dibbs on Heather, again……we’re all regular folks with regular folks type of issues/problems, only thing difference is our bank accounts…..Lohan come to Daddy

  7. Len

    I’m taking bets on who can play the worst victim –Heather or Denise.

    Look here, folks. Anyone who doesn’t think they’re all laughing (except Sheen maybe but I read he’s picking up momentum in his camp ) is just crazy.

    And remember, who out of all of these players is really talented or particularly bright? NONE

  8. Len

    and Heather is probably booking her appearances on the Howard Stern Show as we speak. LOL
    (The angelic Ms. Locklear’s favorite place to dish the dirt on her personal life)
    too funny

  9. Danger

    I heard heather is dating david Spade is that true??

  10. Nic

    I heard that Heather intercepted an email that came adressed to Richie from a “female” right before Xmas, she read it and inmediatly went to file divorce papers, Richie was clueless to all that stuff happening back home , he was on tour. My guess is that Heather cought and email from Denise to Richie and she must have been devastated, hence the swift action on her part to file divorce papers, I don’t blame her, I would have done the same thing. I always liked Heather, she has been tru alot with all this rockers, She needs to look for a different type of man, and she is doing that but David Spade in NOT IT, Sorry.

  11. Nic

    I think Heather can settle George Cloony ass down to marriage, watch it happen.

  12. I feel for Heather.

  13. Ugly on the Inside

    first question:
    WHY is denise famous?? She is a horrendous actress.
    she is just pretty… – but her lack of talent and her obvious disreagrd for her friends makes her one of the UGLIEST women in Hollywood.
    But… Heather,,, didn’t she do this to her best friend to get Charlie??? Didn’t you know already that she has a history of dating her best friend’s exes. I think you knew… so, as soory as I feel for Heather – she should have trusted her first instinct with Denise – which was DONT believe that stupid innocent act she puts on… she is a star-F-er and climber and a friend screwer over! she is not the sweet girl she pretends to be.

  14. RachelLee

    Denise Richards is a dirty skank full stop!!
    Before she played in the few crap movies she made my friend saw her in a porn movie..She has made fucked her way into Hollywood so what do people expect..and why the hell would you trust her anywhere near your man!!
    Women that do that to their BEST FRIENDS are dirty homewrecking skanks..whats worse is that there are SO MANY women like her out there!!!

  15. RachelLee


  16. Fred

    This story is total bullshit.

  17. anubiss01

    Heather-You don’t need to be reminded how mush class you have. You are truley a lady! Don’t look back on this and forget who you thought your friends were. Hang on to your daughter.
    Your very loyal fan.

  18. medeastrawberry345

    she is evil, and the stuff she is saying about her EX makes me think she is on “Paula Abdul Pills”. She is either a crazy bitch or a horrible person…poor Heather!

  19. Rumor

    Things aren’t looking good. People Magazine will have something about this relationship in its upcoming issue with Angelina Jolie on the cover.

  20. Tvjnky

    Well little Miss Heather isnt so innocent either, She has been dating Davis Spade, and now that Denise is dating (seeing…sleeping with..) Richie…It is such a big deal. Why??
    Most celebrities bedjump. And to me it all looks like a publicity stunt. Come on, smiling for the camera, and talking on the phone with tissues in her hand making herself look all victimised. No way.
    I like Charlie and I think he is getting a bad rap from Denise and the media. I like Richie too, and he didnt leave Heather, she left him and filed for divorce,
    So as I see it, he is free to date whomever he chooses….even her best friend :-)

  21. anubiss01

    I first heard about Denise on This Morning America this morning. And was quite shocked. Do we really know who our friends are anymore?

  22. Marie

    The inocent and pure Dennise? Yeah right, and she claims that Charlie is the bad one? At least he has always been honest with himself, and don’t make any excuses. Let’s see who she is going to blame now. She is just brain dead.

  23. Andrea

    Denise is pure slut!

  24. Katrina

    I have to agree with Tommy Lee on this one. No one would be making this much of a deal if it was some unknowns having this issue. Celebrities have it rough, and although they appreciate our support, they dont need directives from other people telling them how to live their lives. Do you like it when someone tells you how to live your life?? Appreciate their talents and leave their personal and private lives where it should be.. in private. No its not cool to sleep with your best friends husband..ex or otherwise….but dont preach to them. Just because they made ALOT of money entertaining you..they dont need to give up who they are. They are NORMAL people with NORMAL issues..they just have nice sized bank accounts!

  25. red

    it really doesnt matter whos dating who,richie and heather is no more so is charlie and denise,soo whats the point.

  26. Tammy

    This is too much. Denise is a skeezing ho bag … you never betray a friendship over a man. So be it * Heather is better off knowing her ex-best friend is a skeez and that her soon to be ex hubby is of course a MAN … enough said. I feel for Heather, she got a raw deal with Tommy Lee and now this. Heather * consentrate on your daughter and yourself and nevermind the tangled web others cause themselves. Rise above and be proud that you did’nt need to sink to unbelievable levels to validate your own self worth. I think ( just for curiosity sake ) that Heather and Charlie need to have a wonderful, romantic date at Spago and let Ritchie and Denise have a dose of they’re own medicine crammed down their throats.

  27. hmmmm

    Wonder if baby number two is really Charlie’s?
    Just sayin who knows how long this has been going on.Denise one day wants away from Charlie and not long after Heather “finds” an email from a woman.Stops being friends with Denise and files to get that loser out of her life.I mean really whos baby is it??????????? Come on Denise time to come clean before, it comes clean on its own. Karma is a BYTCH.

  28. Rumor

    I read that Richards said Lola (baby #2) came out looking like her mom. It is interesting because the first child, Sam, looks exactly like Sheen.

    If Richards and Sambora stay together any length of time, there WILL be more children. He has always wanted more kids and I’m sure Denise wouldn’t wait too long to try for a son. I don’t even want to think about it.

  29. WhoCareS!

    who cares….i mean really! Charlie was friends with the “Ho” of hollywood so you would Denise would say HMMMMM what am i thinking then! As far as Richie…sorry Heather you left him…YOUR LOSS!!!!

  30. linda

    I’ve always liked Denise and I still do. Heather, I always felt was so full of herself. I saw her on a talk show and she was so into herself it was annoying.
    Heather had problems in her marriage and left her husband Way before Denise got together with him. I’m sure Heather’s Ex hubby told the truth about Heather to Denise and that is why Denise became closer to him than to her…the so called “victim” Heather. I think there are a lot of things we don’t know about Heather that are not nice and that is why I am happy for her Ex and Denise.
    As for Charlie…I hope he finds his happiness, but I think he needs to get help for his sex addictions.

  31. Rumor

    Linda those are interesting observations. I never thought about it like that, but it’s possible. You can have a really crappy husband who treats you badly. If your friend has a husband who treats her well, but she doesn’t seem to appreciate him, it can certainly cause you to feel a little envious of your friend’s marriage. You might start to feel sorry for her husband, and if you aren’t careful, you might find herself becoming attracted to him. That’s why women should not share the most intimate details of their love relationships with other women.

    When your good friend is suddenly with your man, you might hear something like, “He’s a good man, but you didn’t treat him right or appreciate him, so he’s with me now.” Then what can you say? You can’t deny anything because you told your friend every little problem you were having.

    Since the two couples were supposedly so close, it’s might be true that Richards was as close to Sambora as she was to Locklear. So when Locklear dumped Sambora, it was probably hard for Denise to pass him by. Sambora probably seems like a saint when Richards compares him to Sheen.

    Of course friends should find the strength to avoid doing this, but maybe the attraction between Sambora and Richards was already too strong.

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