Denise Richards Is Dead To Heather Locklear

I’m sure Charlie Sheen feels the same way. It’s never wise to hook up with one of your good friends ex-husbands, especially if it’s your best friend’s ex-husband. It’s kind of mistifying that Denise Richards is being so public about his whole knew romance just as her allegations against Charlie Sheen have been made public.

Denise Richards, 35, was spotted with best friend Heather Locklear’s soon-to-be-ex husband Richie Sambora, 46, over the weekend of April 22 at a café in Westlake Village, Calif., kissing passionately multiple times on the patio of the restaurant! Plus, the couple — whose relationship kicked off in March, Star has exclusively learned — was spotted strolling hand-in-hand outside the eatery!

Not surprisingly, the affair does not please Locklear, who views it as betrayal. In fact, when Denise went with a friend to a Bon Jovi (featuring Sambora) concert and after-party on March 3 in L.A., a source tells Star: “Heather went crazy when she learned her best friend had gone to the party. She told Denise she was a traitor who had betrayed their friendship.” She reportedly even went so far as to ask if Richards and Sambora were having an affair, and Denise — who hadn’t slept with him yet — was too stunned to answer, prompting Locklear to proclaim, according to a source, “Well, I think you’ve answered the question. I never want to see you again. You no longer exist to me. It’s like you’ve died.”

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