Denise Has Even More Time to Hurl Other People’s Laptops Off of Balconies now that She’s Officially Single

Contact Music tells us that Denise and Charlie are over and out, my friend.

CHARLIE SHEEN and DENISE RICHARDS are no longer husband and wife – their marriage was terminated in Los Angeles on 17 November (06), according to new documents. The couple split last year (05) and briefly reconciled at Christmas (DEC05) before waging a messy war of words in the divorce courts. They were married for just under three years and had two daughters together. Richards is now dating BON JOVI rocker RICHIE SAMBORA.

Remember when it was really ugly and Charlie responded to the rumours of enjoying kiddie porn by premiering his CHILDREN’S CLOTHING LINE? That was a hot move. It was an even hotter move when Denise started banging her best friend Heather Locklear’s husband, sending Heather packing off to date sullen teenage girl David Spade. And then Denise teamed up with Pam Anderson to attack paparazzi and send MacBooks a’flyin’? And just think, one Anna Nicole Smith lifetime equals ALL of these people’s dramas.

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